A Year Or So



October. It’s almost over. NaNoWriMo is right around the corner and I haven’t, yet, decided if I want to bother with it this year. At the moment I’m leaning towards “no.”
I finished a NaNoWriMo, once. The next year I got some kind of infection that made my head swell up and nearly explode. The year after my cat’s health started to deteriote quickly about half-way through. His death, Junior’s, did a good job of devestating me. What would happen this year?
Also, there’s not a lot of reason to keep this up. It’s been almost a year since my last post and it doesn’t appear to have been missed. That’s all right. I can’t say that my writing has ever had an affect on very many people. So not only is there not much point in writing this, but not a lot of reason to try writing fifty thousand words again.
That one year, though, was a lot of fun for a month. I went out to Shipley’s Donut’s in the morning on the weekends and wrote there. I even went out to a couple of write-ins. It was nice, even on those days when it was so hard to write that it physically hurt.
I wonder if I have the time, though. My days all are filled up, really. Not much time to sit and write. But maybe it would be worth it to take what free time I have and put it towards writing something.
I don’t know. I’ve got a few more days to think about it, though.

Day 09 {Words: 14728}


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Yowza. Yesterday was a good day for writing. No wonder people hang around Starbucks all day with their MacBook Airs and Pros. I put down over two thousand words in about an hour and a half. I am pretty close to where I should be.

Tonight, though, will be a killer so I’ll have to make time at lunch today. My Fallout 4 is out for delivery and I’m hoping that it gets delivered before 5pm. Otherwise the gates will be shut and I’ll have to wait until tomorrow. If I get it tonight then I can at least start the download going.

Writing-wise, I didn’t have any problems last night. I just started typing and stuff kept coming out. At the moment, I think my only real problem is looking at the NaNoWriMo site and seeing other people well into the high 20s or low 30s. Why don’t I have that high a word count? Well, my brain knows why and it’s a perfectly reasonable reason. My heart, though, doesn’t understand and feels like it’s slacking off, not working hard enough, not good enough.

That pretty much describes me, I think: Very good, but not good enough. Never quite good enough.

I gave Tooka a walnut the other night. It took all of about a half second for him to crack the shell and start picking out walnut bits. It made me wish that walnuts did not look like brains. Last night I gave him a Brazil nut. It kept him quiet for a long time. I went to bed and when I woke up this morning I changed out his food and water bowls. Just before I left for work I said goodbye to him and noticed he was holding on the Brazil nut with his beak. He even climbed over closer to me still holding it. I have no idea where he kept it all night unless he took it out of the food or water dish before I had a chance to empty them. Now I’m hoping it’s not stuck in his mouth.

Zoey enjoyed some almonds. That I know of. She doesn’t take to things like Tooka does. She’ll wait until nobody is looking before really diving into things. I just know she went after the almonds because I was washing dishes while she was gnawing away.

And that’s my life. In a nutshell.

Day 08 {Words: 12479}


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Sunday was what we in the business call, “A bust.” If I were in the business it would. I didn’t have a lot of time to write so I just sort of filled in stuff that should have been filled in already. And I didn’t post a blog post because I was kind of tired and was busy eating dinner and watching the tube. Except there is no tube. Weird, huh?

All the reviews for Fallout 4 are coming out and I’m trying to avoid them. I don’t care what other people think of it and I’d like to go in as cold as possible. I was asked the other day why Fallout was such a big deal to me. I think that would be an entire blog post on its own.

The story is chugging along. I did the unthinkable and brought in zombies. I’m tired of zombies. You can’t turn around and spit without hitting something that’s zombie related and I went ahead and added to the mess. But it made sense. And they’re not really zombies. They just kind of fit the description except for the craving brains part.

Fallout has zombies, too, kind of. They’re actually ghouls. That is, they were humans who were so overdosed with radiation that they became sort of immortal. After a long time they tend to lose their minds and start attacking people. Those are feral ghouls. Basically zombies in the same way my not-zombies are zombies. The Cranberries have a song called ‘Zombie.’ That doesn’t fit into this conversation at all other than it has the word ‘zombie’ in it. There are times when I think I don’t get enough sleep.

Day 07 {11944}


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Two-thousand and forty-one words today. That’s not too bad and it brings me back to being a wee bit higher than the average again. Not very far, considering yesterday was not a good writing day. Today was, being cold and rainy. It would have been better if I had someone to bring me hot chocolate and cookies every once in a while. Or a glass of water. Something. It’s harder than the dickens to train a cat to do those things. Don’t even ask about the birds.

Speaking of cats, Junior decided he was going to have a nap right on my keyboard. He somehow managed to get just the right keys to close Scrivener. Luckily, I had just saved it but I’m beginning to get the idea that my buddy, my good pal, my friend for life, is very much trying to sabotage my writing.

On my character’s travels it appeared that he was going to need a screwdriver. I, too, needed a screwdriver but I required the liquid kind (which also wasn’t delivered to me on the back of a cat so I went without). Anyway, character needed a tool that I neglected to supply him with. I had the choice, then, to go back and give him one. That wouldn’t have made any sense at the time, though. I didnt think of it so, therefore, neither did my character. I could have done the retcon trick and just give it to him and figure out how he got it later. But I opted for the third option: find a way around it.

I’m glad I did because it gave me a chance to think around a problem. And, because it was me thinking, it allowed my character to do something probably disasterous. Because that’s how I think. That’s how I roll. It also didn’t hurt that it bolstered up my word count.

Speaking of which, I’ve passed the 10K mark. Hurray for me!

Day 06



It’s been a tough day. I didn’t get a chance to write during lunch so it had to wait until I got home. I’ve been trying to write for the past couple of hours. I’m stuck at 753 in one spot. I’m considering jumping to another area and seeing if I can add to what’s already written. This is something I prefer to do near the end of the month when I’m really struggling for ideas. This is the problem I have with not having a clear guide to follow.

The other thing I should have done is write down some interesting creatures. People love creatures.

So I was up to 986 words when my cat decided he was thirsty. Junior drinks from my water glass on the desk so he hoped up and stuck his head in my glass. I let him drink and watched the TV. When I turned to see how he was doing I saw my story disappearing in front of my very eyes. Turns out, he was standing on the delete key. Luckily a few applications of UNDO brought it all back. But take this as a lesson to save often. Really often.

Day 05 {Words: 08886}


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Today isn’t one I would consider productive. It looks like in addition to Fallout 4 coming out that we’re busier at work that usual. I didn’t get a whole lot of time to write, but I did get some words down.

It was sometime around lunch time that I remembered that I didn’t take anything out of the freezer for dinner. So I had to figure out what to have for dinner. I could order a pizza but that gets old after a while. I decided, instead, to commit a grevious crime against humanity and throw a bunch of old stuff together and hope it came out or the best. It didn’t.

I could be writing now, but I’m just not feeling it at the moment. I guess it’s kind of bad I got some writing done this afternoon because I feel like I’m covered for the day. That’s going down a dangerous road.

Well, when I started this I had 8,617 words written. But, for you guys, I hammered down and now I have 8,886. Hmm. Not quite as impressive as I was hoping it would be. But, hey, more is more and you can’t go wrong with that. At least the weekends is coming up so I should be able to fit in a solid day.

Day 04 {Words: 07839}


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There comes a time when you’re chugging along and putting down words like nobody’s business. A time, when you’re getting further and further into your story, that you sit back and realize that it’s not going to work. Maybe it’s a part of your characters background that you carefully crafted, wrote reams about, and then realized that for something else you wanted to happen that the history was going to have to change. Perhaps you gave your main character too many abilities and have to figure out a way to scale it back without causing a logic issue with what’s happened in previous chapters. It doesn’t matter. It causes that feeling of dread that you’re going to have to scrap hours of work.

Or not! Just retcon that bastard. Keep on plugging away with your revised world because this is just a first draft and it’s (probably) not going out to the public. There’s no reason to scythe reams of material now when you can do that next month during revision.

You may have guessed at this point that I made a boo-boo. You have guessed correctly. But I’m not worried! I’m just gonna soldier on, make notes about the changes, and hope for the best.

The other thing I need to do is create a time line. I’ve got a slightly alternate Earth going from sometime in the past to sometime in the far, far, far future. Not knowing when certain key events happened is causing me to not know where to go next or when to know when certain technological advances happened causing society, as a whole, to change. This, by the way, is something that should have been done in a month that isn’t named November.

Aside from all that, everything is going well. I’m still above the daily average, even with being slightly behind Monday. My face hasn’t exploded yet so I figure I’ve got no excuses to keep going. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough of a padding to enjoy Fallout 4 when it comes out. I’ll have to go back to the idea of rewarding myself with playtime only after I get the minimum amount of words written.

This would all be slightly easier if I counted the words in these blog posts.

Day 03 {Words: 06097}


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Today was productive. I managed to get quite a lot written during my lunch hour. Then I wrote some more when I got home while waiting for my dinner to cook. It looks like I’m on a roll. Maybe even a croissant.

I’m still churning out words and above the average. Hopefully it’ll last until I get to word #50,000. I haven’t come upon any major stumbling blocks, yet. I had a good conversation this morning with my friend about mind controlled computers and how to limit the nanobot functionality. I’m hoping to skirt some other issues and still manage to break the bank. I know, though, that I’ll come across something eventually.

Probably sooner than later. For instance, if you live in a world where you can have anything you want (like a Star Trek replicator that makes more than tea), money is no longer important, every need you have is taken care of, everything is automated, then what, exactly, will people do?

I have no idea. I’ve thought about it a lot, come up with some ideas, then tossed them aside because what I think would be something to do today may not be something to do in the far, far future. That’s one of the drawbacks of being able to see backwards but not forward. At one time sitting around the radio listening to The Lone Ranger was quite popular.

I’d be quite happy to go into the future. Especially if it’s anything like what I’m thinking. At the moment I’d happily indulge in something like a food replicator. Then I could be eating anything. Like a sandwich. Or a taco. Can you imagine that? A. Taco.

Not for the first time I wish I had some other kind of artistic ability. Like painting. I have a great idea for a painting and I think it would make a great book cover. I almost think I could make a whole calendar with this idea. Alas, it’s stuck with me.

Day 02 {Words: 04310}


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Yesterday was kind of a bust. I managed to get a few hundred words in at lunch but didn’t have time after work to get it done. But I’m not behind, yet, and that’s a good thing. I was hoping to be able to beat the daily average for a while and, thus, lower the minimum needed each day. You know. In case of an emergency.

Technology. How far do you go with it? Let’s talk about telepathy. Right now I would think that most people would say that being able to read minds is impossible. I’m not entirely sure on that point. After all, the brain sends out signals (weak as they are) so would it be so far fetched to think you could pick something up on those frequencies? Maybe do a bit of decoding?

I bring this up because I thought, briefly, of having mind controlled computers. As far as I’m concerned, that’s like telepathy. There wouldnt be wires involved so that makes it more similar. But I’m not sure I want to do that because once it’s in the world, it has to stay in the world. That could cause problems later on because that would mean the technology would exist for computers to scan and intrepret what the brain was thinking. If I ended up on a plot point where I didn’t want that to happen I would have to think of a way around it.

I think we can all agree that I don’t like thinking. So mind reading computers have to go. And that makes my “gee-whiz” world a little less whiz.

Like Starting Over {Words: 03508}


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And so it begins. I woke up early and started pounding on the keyboard, starting off my story for NaNoWriMo. Well, not right away. First I had to search desperately for a name for my main character. Because I didn’t actually do any of the preperation that I said I was going to do. Because that’s how I am, love it or leave it. But, once I decided I was off and running.
Then I stopped to pour another cup of coffee. And then I updated my Facebook and Twitter profile with the NaNoWriMo 2015 banners. And, in a few minutes, I’ll update the WordPress one, too. What’s the sense of doing this if you don’t advertise it, right?
Some people, myself included, think it’s better not to say anything about participating but there’s no better way to stay on track than having people ask you how it’s going all the time. Sure, you could lie and say it’s going swell when you’ve really been binge watching NCIS on Netflix, but then you wouldn’t feel good about yourself, now would you? Keeping it to yourself is a great way to be able to just abandon the idea of writing your story because nobody is ever going to ask you about it if they don’t know.
I need to do some shopping today, I think. It’ll probably be good to get out of the house and I can spend the time standing on line thinking about the next part of my story.
Holy moly, shopping was a beast. Carts everywhere, people clogging the aisles having conversations, and general chaos all around.
So, now that I’m writing I can begin to explain some of the things that I meant about writing science fiction. For instance, I’m reasonably sure in the future that language is going to change. I’m also going to have a lot of nano technology in my story so I have to keep in mind how that will work in a (hopefully) logical way.
Using that reasoning, I figured that the main character (who sleeps his way to the future) will need a translator to understand the modern human. Why not have nanobots injected into him and do the translating?
So, at first I thought the main character would hear the talker and then hear the translation almost on top of that. Because it would be fast, but not immediate. But then, a few paragraphs in, I realized that would be kind of sucky. I mean, cool for us in the here and now, but in a time when nanotechnology and DNA manipulation is old hat it would be pretty bad. What would probably happen would be something like someone talking to you in Hungarian (if you don’t understand Hungarian; if you do, pick another language that you don’t know) but you just automatically know what they’re saying as if they were speaking your native language. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about their language because the same thing would happen on their side.
In NaNoWriMo spirit, though, I decided not to delete the paragraphs I had already written but go ahead and chalk it up to the main character’s mind getting used to the idea of translation.
But I’m off to a strong start, I think. That’s what happens when an idea percolate for two years. Once that initial well is drawn dry, though, things will slow down quite a bit.
I’ve decided on where to draw names from. I’m quite pleased with the idea and that well is pretty darn deep.