Doo bee doo

I have some things I should be doing today but I feel like I’ve been fighting off a cold or allergies or something all week so I decided to stay in. This would be the perfect time to get some writing in. If I could break 3,000 words maybe I’d feel a bit better (I won’t). Still, it’s probably a good thing I decided to take a lahzee lazy laisy relaxed atitiude towards the whole thing.
Both my watches need a battery now. One of the things I should have done today was gone to have them replaced. Or go and get an Apple Watch. But probably get batteries. I still can’t think of even one good reason for me to have an Apple Watch. The most use it would get (besides telling time) would be reading all new email I get from Fry’s, Best Buy, Pizza Hut, etc. Nobody I know on a personal level ever emails me. Or calls me. Sometimes I get texts, which justifies even having a phone.
It would seem, then, that’d I’d be the perfect person to put my life on hold in order to write a novel in thirty days. I don’t have one. It doesn’t work that way, though. When there’s nobody cheering you on it doesn’t always seem like a top priority. Or even a low one. It’s just something to do.
And then you (you, the reader you) says something like, “Well what the hell are you doing writing all this sorry stuff for instead of writing your stupid story?”
That’s a fair question. A fair question that I won’t answer. Not in full. Basically, there’s stuff I want to write but it doesn’t quite fit the schema of the story. It’s really just feelings (nothing more than feelings) and stuff. And, since I’m not feeling all that way all the moment, this is the perfect place to whine, complain, bitch and moan.


Well, it’s worse than I thought. I figured I could write some on my lunch hour that I never usually take but, what with having a new person hired and all, I don’t get to use that time, either. I guess, all told, I have about fifteen minutes or so a day to write stuff down. That’s not very much. That might be a wee bit of hyperbole, but not much.
That being said, I have enough words down to be at day 1 1/2 and it’s the 15th. The chances of me getting any where near 50,000 is remote. Very remote.
But, it’s kind of a fun story to write. It’s too bad I can only write in chunks of 200 to 300 words at a clip. Mostly they’re just independant scenes. I could probably generate a lot of words just trying to stitch them together.
So that’s how that’s going.
Other than that, I made chimichangas for dinner. I found out that I can roll a burrito just fine. I can also deep fry ‘em pretty good. It didn’t take long to get sick of them, though. I’m probably good for another six or so years of not having one.
I don’t think I really appreciate the amount of work that goes on when making various foods. After making six chimichangas I can see where paying $10 or so to have it fully made and brought out would seem pretty reasonable. I figure the person making it, on the other hand, has probably done it so often that they do it without even thinking. They’re all like, “You want this? Yeah, I’ll whip it up in a couple of minutes!” And they’ll somehow do it with a minimum of fuss and bother. It took me two days to finish washing all the dishes and stuff that I used. I still have a pan full of oil, too. I’m thinking I should start frying everything until all the oil is evaporated or absorbed. Or whatever it does.

Decisions, Decisions


So what did I decide to do? Let me tell you. I decided I would try and write but I wasn’t going to beat myself senseless over it. If I get a chance to write, I will; if not, I won’t. I either make it or I don’t.
It turns out that’s a good mentality to have because I am so strapped for free time I actually haven’t gotten much written. I brought my laptop to work so I could get some words in during down times or, hey, maybe even take that lunch hour I never take. But we have a new person that started so a lot of my time has gone towards answering newbie questions.
It’s a fickle world.
Commenter John thought “Billy!” would be good to write, so I went ahead and started that one. It’s been fun, but I only have around 2,000 words written. That puts me way behind where I should be. I have some nice scenes, though, I think. None of them have much to do with the overall story, though.

Like Sand Through The Hourglass

I have less than 24 hours to decide if I want to spend the next month writing every chance I get. Less than 24 hours to figure out what, if anything, I would write.

As far as what to write goes, there are three things that are always on the top of my head. They would be:

Idea: A man is put into cryogenic sleep and sent to a nearby star. The problem, of course, is that by the time he gets there, humankind has increased their technical know-how and end up there before he does. Fish out of water, hilarity ensues.
Problem: I started this last year and, before tragedy struck, was already going insane with being ‘realistic.’ What star? When did the journey begin? How far into the future do I go? What kind of technical advances happened? Also, this sounds suspiciously like a Robert Sheckley plot. Was it done before?

Idea: Billy is a child of prophecy. He’s the most important young man on the entire planet. Starting off as an orphan, he battles the army of his nemesis: the vampire king of zombies. Rescued from pirates by werewolves he sets out on a journey of clueless adventure to claim his birthright.
Problem: The world is full of vampires, zombies, pirates, and, to a lesser extent, werewolves. I’m kind of sick of them, which is the entire point of this. I’m also less keen on the “young adult is the most important person, ever, because of prophecy” type stories. They’ve been done again and again and again. That makes this story ripe for exceptional meanness and going from parody to stupid.

Idea: Earth scientists leave Earth and go to an uninhabited planet so they can use nano-technology to terraform the world and populate it with their own people and creatures. Along the way, the scientists go a little crazy and start believing they’re gods because they’re own creations tend to think of them as such. Artificial Intelligence and robotics, you see.
Problem: This idea is old. For me, that is. It started a long time ago, before ‘nano’ was used very much. I’ve put a lot of thought into the mechanics of how things work and why they work. It’s a bit complicated and I don’t know if I’m even up to the task.

Sometimes, though, I feel like bringing back the simpler sci-fi and fantasy that I’m familiar with from the past. The basic heroic type things. It could be awful, but it would be relatively easy to write.

A Year Or So



October. It’s almost over. NaNoWriMo is right around the corner and I haven’t, yet, decided if I want to bother with it this year. At the moment I’m leaning towards “no.”
I finished a NaNoWriMo, once. The next year I got some kind of infection that made my head swell up and nearly explode. The year after my cat’s health started to deteriote quickly about half-way through. His death, Junior’s, did a good job of devestating me. What would happen this year?
Also, there’s not a lot of reason to keep this up. It’s been almost a year since my last post and it doesn’t appear to have been missed. That’s all right. I can’t say that my writing has ever had an affect on very many people. So not only is there not much point in writing this, but not a lot of reason to try writing fifty thousand words again.
That one year, though, was a lot of fun for a month. I went out to Shipley’s Donut’s in the morning on the weekends and wrote there. I even went out to a couple of write-ins. It was nice, even on those days when it was so hard to write that it physically hurt.
I wonder if I have the time, though. My days all are filled up, really. Not much time to sit and write. But maybe it would be worth it to take what free time I have and put it towards writing something.
I don’t know. I’ve got a few more days to think about it, though.

Day 09 {Words: 14728}


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Yowza. Yesterday was a good day for writing. No wonder people hang around Starbucks all day with their MacBook Airs and Pros. I put down over two thousand words in about an hour and a half. I am pretty close to where I should be.

Tonight, though, will be a killer so I’ll have to make time at lunch today. My Fallout 4 is out for delivery and I’m hoping that it gets delivered before 5pm. Otherwise the gates will be shut and I’ll have to wait until tomorrow. If I get it tonight then I can at least start the download going.

Writing-wise, I didn’t have any problems last night. I just started typing and stuff kept coming out. At the moment, I think my only real problem is looking at the NaNoWriMo site and seeing other people well into the high 20s or low 30s. Why don’t I have that high a word count? Well, my brain knows why and it’s a perfectly reasonable reason. My heart, though, doesn’t understand and feels like it’s slacking off, not working hard enough, not good enough.

That pretty much describes me, I think: Very good, but not good enough. Never quite good enough.

I gave Tooka a walnut the other night. It took all of about a half second for him to crack the shell and start picking out walnut bits. It made me wish that walnuts did not look like brains. Last night I gave him a Brazil nut. It kept him quiet for a long time. I went to bed and when I woke up this morning I changed out his food and water bowls. Just before I left for work I said goodbye to him and noticed he was holding on the Brazil nut with his beak. He even climbed over closer to me still holding it. I have no idea where he kept it all night unless he took it out of the food or water dish before I had a chance to empty them. Now I’m hoping it’s not stuck in his mouth.

Zoey enjoyed some almonds. That I know of. She doesn’t take to things like Tooka does. She’ll wait until nobody is looking before really diving into things. I just know she went after the almonds because I was washing dishes while she was gnawing away.

And that’s my life. In a nutshell.

Day 08 {Words: 12479}


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Sunday was what we in the business call, “A bust.” If I were in the business it would. I didn’t have a lot of time to write so I just sort of filled in stuff that should have been filled in already. And I didn’t post a blog post because I was kind of tired and was busy eating dinner and watching the tube. Except there is no tube. Weird, huh?

All the reviews for Fallout 4 are coming out and I’m trying to avoid them. I don’t care what other people think of it and I’d like to go in as cold as possible. I was asked the other day why Fallout was such a big deal to me. I think that would be an entire blog post on its own.

The story is chugging along. I did the unthinkable and brought in zombies. I’m tired of zombies. You can’t turn around and spit without hitting something that’s zombie related and I went ahead and added to the mess. But it made sense. And they’re not really zombies. They just kind of fit the description except for the craving brains part.

Fallout has zombies, too, kind of. They’re actually ghouls. That is, they were humans who were so overdosed with radiation that they became sort of immortal. After a long time they tend to lose their minds and start attacking people. Those are feral ghouls. Basically zombies in the same way my not-zombies are zombies. The Cranberries have a song called ‘Zombie.’ That doesn’t fit into this conversation at all other than it has the word ‘zombie’ in it. There are times when I think I don’t get enough sleep.

Day 07 {11944}


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Two-thousand and forty-one words today. That’s not too bad and it brings me back to being a wee bit higher than the average again. Not very far, considering yesterday was not a good writing day. Today was, being cold and rainy. It would have been better if I had someone to bring me hot chocolate and cookies every once in a while. Or a glass of water. Something. It’s harder than the dickens to train a cat to do those things. Don’t even ask about the birds.

Speaking of cats, Junior decided he was going to have a nap right on my keyboard. He somehow managed to get just the right keys to close Scrivener. Luckily, I had just saved it but I’m beginning to get the idea that my buddy, my good pal, my friend for life, is very much trying to sabotage my writing.

On my character’s travels it appeared that he was going to need a screwdriver. I, too, needed a screwdriver but I required the liquid kind (which also wasn’t delivered to me on the back of a cat so I went without). Anyway, character needed a tool that I neglected to supply him with. I had the choice, then, to go back and give him one. That wouldn’t have made any sense at the time, though. I didnt think of it so, therefore, neither did my character. I could have done the retcon trick and just give it to him and figure out how he got it later. But I opted for the third option: find a way around it.

I’m glad I did because it gave me a chance to think around a problem. And, because it was me thinking, it allowed my character to do something probably disasterous. Because that’s how I think. That’s how I roll. It also didn’t hurt that it bolstered up my word count.

Speaking of which, I’ve passed the 10K mark. Hurray for me!

Day 06



It’s been a tough day. I didn’t get a chance to write during lunch so it had to wait until I got home. I’ve been trying to write for the past couple of hours. I’m stuck at 753 in one spot. I’m considering jumping to another area and seeing if I can add to what’s already written. This is something I prefer to do near the end of the month when I’m really struggling for ideas. This is the problem I have with not having a clear guide to follow.

The other thing I should have done is write down some interesting creatures. People love creatures.

So I was up to 986 words when my cat decided he was thirsty. Junior drinks from my water glass on the desk so he hoped up and stuck his head in my glass. I let him drink and watched the TV. When I turned to see how he was doing I saw my story disappearing in front of my very eyes. Turns out, he was standing on the delete key. Luckily a few applications of UNDO brought it all back. But take this as a lesson to save often. Really often.

Day 05 {Words: 08886}


, ,

Today isn’t one I would consider productive. It looks like in addition to Fallout 4 coming out that we’re busier at work that usual. I didn’t get a whole lot of time to write, but I did get some words down.

It was sometime around lunch time that I remembered that I didn’t take anything out of the freezer for dinner. So I had to figure out what to have for dinner. I could order a pizza but that gets old after a while. I decided, instead, to commit a grevious crime against humanity and throw a bunch of old stuff together and hope it came out or the best. It didn’t.

I could be writing now, but I’m just not feeling it at the moment. I guess it’s kind of bad I got some writing done this afternoon because I feel like I’m covered for the day. That’s going down a dangerous road.

Well, when I started this I had 8,617 words written. But, for you guys, I hammered down and now I have 8,886. Hmm. Not quite as impressive as I was hoping it would be. But, hey, more is more and you can’t go wrong with that. At least the weekends is coming up so I should be able to fit in a solid day.