Tales of Terror

July 2017 — Herein are chilling tales of horror. Feel free to use them during your next campfire story telling session if you don’t mind being beaten, tied up, and left in a tent for the remainder of the camping trip.


These are as originally written with no editing, proofreading, error checking, or logic fixing. That’s usually how I roll. If the mood hits me, I may end up re-writing and fix them so they’ll be placed in a different section.

Tales of Terror I: The Night Creature: Brenda runs into a monster during the night and must beat a hasty retreat. Or die! [drastically needs a re-write]

Tales of Terror II: The House On Millcreek Lane: A group of horny young adults contemplates a derelict house.

Tales of Terror III: The Haunting Of Brickhold Manor: Ted lures Nancy into a dilapidated house in the hopes of getting him some on a moldy couch. Things go wrong!

Tales of Terror IV: Consternation Condo: Jenny and Art move into a new condo. Fear is in the air! Based on a true story!

Tales of Terror V: Destination Unknown: A car drives itself! Spooky!


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