These are links to places I like to visit.  Perhaps you’ll find a good place to go, too. 


Straight Dope – Has someone told you something that you’re just not sure of?  Did it sound like a bunch of hooey?  Check out the truth here.

Snopes – You’ve just got another email with oddball information.  Perhaps it’s just an urban legend.  Find some more truth here.


Internet Movie Database – Want to wow your friends at lunch time?  Pull up some trivia about the latest movie.  Or point out some goofs.  Suddenly you know who starred in that 1963 movie when no one can remember.

Apple Trailers – Apple gets the newest movie trailers.  Watch them to figure out what’s going to be big and what’s going to flop.

Music – It’s all about the music, baby.  Information on bands, albums, songs and more.


Ars Technica – The latest in the information game.  Games, Linux, Windows, Apple; it’s all here.

 The Register – More news in IT, brought to you with UK flair.

The Verge – Even more news around technical stuff, although they sometimes mention music (they have questionable musical tastes) and movies and comics and… Quite a lot of different things, really. 


Not My Desk – Thinking of working 9 to 5?  Read Not My Desk first and see if you’d rather join the legion of temporary workers.  This place also has the best Colecovision game reviews.

LOLCats – You’re minding your own business when someone walks by and says, “Where’s mah bukkit?” You don’t know what’s going on.  Go here and you, too, can say, “O RLY?”


Michael Moorcock – He brought us Elric. That, alone, should be enough to make him the master of all. But he’s got quite a lot of books under his belt. I’m a fan of all the incarnations of the Immortal Hero, but particularly like the End of Time series.


National Novel Writing Month – Think you can write a novel of 50,000 words in 30 days? No? Try anyway. I did it once in 2013. I started one in 2014 but it was tragically cut short when my face decided to swell up. But there’s always next year! You can even be my writing buddy! Who wouldn’t want that?

Literature & Latte – These people make Scrivener, a multi-platform writing program. I use it quite a bit and would recommend it. 

I Write Like – A site that says it will analyze your writing and tell you what famous author you write like. Honestly, I don’t know if it works or not as I usually end up writing like Cory Doctorow. Maybe the site is broken or maybe I’m broken. Hard to tell.

2 thoughts on “Links

  1. What kind of help? I didn’t find that there was a whole lot to do unless you knew somebody who was playing. Or made some friends. I’m not good at making friends.

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