It’s been a while, I know. I haven’t felt the urge or desire to write anything, lately. Even now, I’m forcing myself to write this and trying hard not to just close the window and forget about it. One thing that is really helping is that, if I don’t write this, then I have to do house cleaning.

I’m sure a lot of people are wondering about the cats. Angel is doing fine and her eye has cleared up quite a lot. She and Nazboo get along quite fine, and do a lot of chasing and playing early in the day. Nazboo is a vocal cat, though, so the playing sounds like a major battle is going on.

Ms. Squeaks has decided to come indoors. She’s been coming in quite often to eat because, I think, she’d rather share her canned food with one kitten rather than six. Then she acts like she wants to go out again, so I open the door for her. She stands at the door, sticking her head out, realizes it’s cold, then goes back inside and curls up on the rug under the coffee table. Often for hours. Several times she’s stayed over night. I’m okay with this, all as three cats seem to get along all right.

Mother & Daughter

I always worry about cold weather and the youngest kittens, though. Currently, there are two that stay in either the Fusion or the Challenger. I’m not sure how they decide which car to sleep in, but I invariably manage to choose the one their in when it’s time to go shopping.

Unfortunately, the rest of what I have to say isn’t all that great. We’re heading into the holiday season, and that’s never been a good time for me. This year, I lost my mother and that’s just going to make things… Maybe not worse, but certainly not better. Her passing is also the major reason why I haven’t been bothering to write, since she was 50% of my known fanbase.

Because it’s November, though, I attempted to start a novel. It lasted three days before I just plain forgot to keep writing. I think it’s pretty clear I’m not a writer at this point.

I’m not a photographer, either. I can’t even remember the last time I took the camera and went somewhere. It’s probably been over a year, if not two.

Well, I wrote something and I reckon that’s good enough.


2 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your mother, and I hope that you’ll find your way back to writing when you’re ready.

    I think you are a writer, but it’s possible that you’re not a novelist. Sometime over this past year, I figured out that I’m not a prose writer, and I’m constantly surprised at how much more natural writing feels now. A friend just came to a similar realization—she’s discovering that she does better with shorter formats.

    Maybe you’re a short story writer, or an essayist. Or something else entirely.

    Also: I am totally one of the people who was wondering about the cats! I’m glad that they’re doing well, and that even the ones who haven’t found their way inside (yet?) at least have a sheltered place to sleep.

    1. Thank you, Reghan! I’m definitely not a novelist. I used to do a lot of short-short stories, but even those are difficult these days.
      I should do more cat updates. I’m not about to let them all inside, although a couple have been getting brave early in the morning and poking their heads inside.

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