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“Whoah,” said Ben. “That was really something.”

“Yeah it was,” agreed Stacy, reaching for her shirt.

“I didn’t think the backseat was that roomy, before,” said Ben. He put his t-shirt on inside-out.

“I’m glad to hear you don’t get back here much,” she winked. “I think I worked up an appetite.”

He laughed. “Yeah.”

Suddenly the door locks engaged and the car started moving forward.

“Ben? What’s going on?”

“I don’t know,” admitted Ben. He leaned over the seats and tugged at the wheel and then sat back.

“I can’t control it,” he said.

The car kept moving, following the dark road.

“Hang on,” said Stacy. She leaned forward on the center console.

“What is it?” asked Ben. Even in the throes of panic, he made time to look at her bare behind.

“Ohhhh,” she breathed.

“What? What?” He hadn’t touched her.

She poked at the map displayed on the big OLED screen in front of her.

“It’s taking us to Boogie Burger,” she said, sitting back again.

“Oh. It must have heard you when you mentioned appetite.”

“I’m surprised it’s not taking us to the nearest church then,” she giggled.

“Still, it would have been nice to ask for confirmation,” said Ben, relieved.

“I know. What if I didn’t want Boogie Burger?”

“Um. What do you want?”

“Boogie Burger is fine.”

They finished dressing just as the car neatly parked itself. Then they went inside the brightly lit burger joint and they each had a cheeseburger. Ben had bacon on his, even though it cost seventy-five cents more.

He felt it was worth it.