Back in the old days playing games was a lot easier. A game was either ‘sucky’, ‘all right’, or ‘awesome!’. Maybe even ‘rad’. That was pretty much it. With the advent of The Internet, though, complaining about things have reached new levels. Epic levels, even. And once one person uses a particular reason to complain about it, well, then everyone else in the world jumps on that same reason. Sometimes for no reason.

Maybe someone is playing a game and it runs like crap on their machine. Right away the problem is “it’s not optimized!”. No mention is ever made of what it’s not optimized for. Is it not optimized for a particular processor? Video card? Speed? It doesn’t matter; it’s just not optimized. Even if it runs fine for other people.

Or something ‘breaks immersion.’ People play 2D overhead games will complain about ‘breaking immersion.’ I guess they’re so into the game, they somehow think they’re in the game and then something reminds them that they are not, in fact, actually in the game. This is considered bad, but I actually think it’s good; if you’re that easily lost then maybe you need some sort of anchor to bring you back. Maybe it’s just something I don’t understand because I started playing video games when this was a spaceship:

Defender2600ShipIt takes a bit of imagination, sure, but it wasn’t enough to make me believe I was in a different world flying a spaceship. Now, some of the VR stuff I can imagine having an ‘immersion’ factor but for most other things I’m, like, ‘who cares?’