Lately I’ve been feeling the urge to go out and do what some people might call “picture takin’.” For some folks it’s probably kind of easy; they go out with a camera and take pictures. For me, it’s a process.

I look at Google Maps for a while. Most of the time the name of a town strikes me as interesting so I do a quick search on the Texas State Historical Association website to find out a little bit about the town. Then I try and do a ‘street view’ to see if there’s anything that I find interesting.

After that, I do some calculating about what’s nearby, how far the trip will take, and other assorted things. When all that is done I say, “All right, next weekend that’s the plan!”

And then I don’t go.

As I said, I’ve been feeling the itch so the chances of me doing something increases, slightly. While I was looking at the latest idea I realized that it would be way too easy to get enormously fat by visiting all the restaurants and road-side BBQ places, but it’s also really tempting.