Had I managed to finish the 2016 NaNoWriMo thing, this would have been the proglogue to the story. It’s a rough draft. The first draft, in fact. Probably the only draft. But I don’t have anything else to talk about at the moment so… here ya go!

Billy! The Prologue

The old hands framed the wooden bowl full of dark and still water. With a smile and a nod, the old man picked up a quill, dabbed it into the little stone bowl full of ink, and wrote down a final line on a sheet of parchment paper set off to the side of the bowl. He felt pleased, happy even, that the life he had just seen in the bowl would be a happy one. He had no idea when, or where, those events would unfold; those were not part of his gift.

No, his place was to view and document. He rolled up the parchment, tied it with a bit of tendon and then slipped it into a clay jar, which he plugged with a wooden disc. The jar he placed beside other jars in a box. His job for the day was done, then.

With difficulty, the ancient figure hobbled to the entrance of his cave and sat down on a large rock set beside the opening. He looked out in the bright sunlight to the miles of green field and forest out before him.

The old man enjoyed his divining. Certainly, some times, what he saw wasn’t very pleasant. It was hard seeing what man could do to other men. Most of the time, though, they were pleasant little encounters. Moments that show what most people can be like when they put their minds to it. Sometimes it’s just disturbing, such as the time he had experimented with different herbs to see the affects on his visions and he ended looking at the back of a head peering into a bowl, which showed a figure leaning over a bowl, and so on, until the elder thought he could see his own bald spot. He had to go lay down for a while after that one.

Perhaps, in the future, his scrolls would be found and scholars would pore over them looking for wisdom in their own lives through the lives of others. He hoped so. He thought so. He felt his gift, his work, would benefit many people.