Well, it’s worse than I thought. I figured I could write some on my lunch hour that I never usually take but, what with having a new person hired and all, I don’t get to use that time, either. I guess, all told, I have about fifteen minutes or so a day to write stuff down. That’s not very much. That might be a wee bit of hyperbole, but not much.
That being said, I have enough words down to be at day 1 1/2 and it’s the 15th. The chances of me getting any where near 50,000 is remote. Very remote.
But, it’s kind of a fun story to write. It’s too bad I can only write in chunks of 200 to 300 words at a clip. Mostly they’re just independant scenes. I could probably generate a lot of words just trying to stitch them together.
So that’s how that’s going.
Other than that, I made chimichangas for dinner. I found out that I can roll a burrito just fine. I can also deep fry ‘em pretty good. It didn’t take long to get sick of them, though. I’m probably good for another six or so years of not having one.
I don’t think I really appreciate the amount of work that goes on when making various foods. After making six chimichangas I can see where paying $10 or so to have it fully made and brought out would seem pretty reasonable. I figure the person making it, on the other hand, has probably done it so often that they do it without even thinking. They’re all like, “You want this? Yeah, I’ll whip it up in a couple of minutes!” And they’ll somehow do it with a minimum of fuss and bother. It took me two days to finish washing all the dishes and stuff that I used. I still have a pan full of oil, too. I’m thinking I should start frying everything until all the oil is evaporated or absorbed. Or whatever it does.