So what did I decide to do? Let me tell you. I decided I would try and write but I wasn’t going to beat myself senseless over it. If I get a chance to write, I will; if not, I won’t. I either make it or I don’t.
It turns out that’s a good mentality to have because I am so strapped for free time I actually haven’t gotten much written. I brought my laptop to work so I could get some words in during down times or, hey, maybe even take that lunch hour I never take. But we have a new person that started so a lot of my time has gone towards answering newbie questions.
It’s a fickle world.
Commenter John thought “Billy!” would be good to write, so I went ahead and started that one. It’s been fun, but I only have around 2,000 words written. That puts me way behind where I should be. I have some nice scenes, though, I think. None of them have much to do with the overall story, though.