I have less than 24 hours to decide if I want to spend the next month writing every chance I get. Less than 24 hours to figure out what, if anything, I would write.

As far as what to write goes, there are three things that are always on the top of my head. They would be:

Idea: A man is put into cryogenic sleep and sent to a nearby star. The problem, of course, is that by the time he gets there, humankind has increased their technical know-how and end up there before he does. Fish out of water, hilarity ensues.
Problem: I started this last year and, before tragedy struck, was already going insane with being ‘realistic.’ What star? When did the journey begin? How far into the future do I go? What kind of technical advances happened? Also, this sounds suspiciously like a Robert Sheckley plot. Was it done before?

Idea: Billy is a child of prophecy. He’s the most important young man on the entire planet. Starting off as an orphan, he battles the army of his nemesis: the vampire king of zombies. Rescued from pirates by werewolves he sets out on a journey of clueless adventure to claim his birthright.
Problem: The world is full of vampires, zombies, pirates, and, to a lesser extent, werewolves. I’m kind of sick of them, which is the entire point of this. I’m also less keen on the “young adult is the most important person, ever, because of prophecy” type stories. They’ve been done again and again and again. That makes this story ripe for exceptional meanness and going from parody to stupid.

Idea: Earth scientists leave Earth and go to an uninhabited planet so they can use nano-technology to terraform the world and populate it with their own people and creatures. Along the way, the scientists go a little crazy and start believing they’re gods because they’re own creations tend to think of them as such. Artificial Intelligence and robotics, you see.
Problem: This idea is old. For me, that is. It started a long time ago, before ‘nano’ was used very much. I’ve put a lot of thought into the mechanics of how things work and why they work. It’s a bit complicated and I don’t know if I’m even up to the task.

Sometimes, though, I feel like bringing back the simpler sci-fi and fantasy that I’m familiar with from the past. The basic heroic type things. It could be awful, but it would be relatively easy to write.