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Sunday was what we in the business call, “A bust.” If I were in the business it would. I didn’t have a lot of time to write so I just sort of filled in stuff that should have been filled in already. And I didn’t post a blog post because I was kind of tired and was busy eating dinner and watching the tube. Except there is no tube. Weird, huh?

All the reviews for Fallout 4 are coming out and I’m trying to avoid them. I don’t care what other people think of it and I’d like to go in as cold as possible. I was asked the other day why Fallout was such a big deal to me. I think that would be an entire blog post on its own.

The story is chugging along. I did the unthinkable and brought in zombies. I’m tired of zombies. You can’t turn around and spit without hitting something that’s zombie related and I went ahead and added to the mess. But it made sense. And they’re not really zombies. They just kind of fit the description except for the craving brains part.

Fallout has zombies, too, kind of. They’re actually ghouls. That is, they were humans who were so overdosed with radiation that they became sort of immortal. After a long time they tend to lose their minds and start attacking people. Those are feral ghouls. Basically zombies in the same way my not-zombies are zombies. The Cranberries have a song called ‘Zombie.’ That doesn’t fit into this conversation at all other than it has the word ‘zombie’ in it. There are times when I think I don’t get enough sleep.