It’s been a tough day. I didn’t get a chance to write during lunch so it had to wait until I got home. I’ve been trying to write for the past couple of hours. I’m stuck at 753 in one spot. I’m considering jumping to another area and seeing if I can add to what’s already written. This is something I prefer to do near the end of the month when I’m really struggling for ideas. This is the problem I have with not having a clear guide to follow.

The other thing I should have done is write down some interesting creatures. People love creatures.

So I was up to 986 words when my cat decided he was thirsty. Junior drinks from my water glass on the desk so he hoped up and stuck his head in my glass. I let him drink and watched the TV. When I turned to see how he was doing I saw my story disappearing in front of my very eyes. Turns out, he was standing on the delete key. Luckily a few applications of UNDO brought it all back. But take this as a lesson to save often. Really often.