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There comes a time when you’re chugging along and putting down words like nobody’s business. A time, when you’re getting further and further into your story, that you sit back and realize that it’s not going to work. Maybe it’s a part of your characters background that you carefully crafted, wrote reams about, and then realized that for something else you wanted to happen that the history was going to have to change. Perhaps you gave your main character too many abilities and have to figure out a way to scale it back without causing a logic issue with what’s happened in previous chapters. It doesn’t matter. It causes that feeling of dread that you’re going to have to scrap hours of work.

Or not! Just retcon that bastard. Keep on plugging away with your revised world because this is just a first draft and it’s (probably) not going out to the public. There’s no reason to scythe reams of material now when you can do that next month during revision.

You may have guessed at this point that I made a boo-boo. You have guessed correctly. But I’m not worried! I’m just gonna soldier on, make notes about the changes, and hope for the best.

The other thing I need to do is create a time line. I’ve got a slightly alternate Earth going from sometime in the past to sometime in the far, far, far future. Not knowing when certain key events happened is causing me to not know where to go next or when to know when certain technological advances happened causing society, as a whole, to change. This, by the way, is something that should have been done in a month that isn’t named November.

Aside from all that, everything is going well. I’m still above the daily average, even with being slightly behind Monday. My face hasn’t exploded yet so I figure I’ve got no excuses to keep going. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough of a padding to enjoy Fallout 4 when it comes out. I’ll have to go back to the idea of rewarding myself with playtime only after I get the minimum amount of words written.

This would all be slightly easier if I counted the words in these blog posts.