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Today was productive. I managed to get quite a lot written during my lunch hour. Then I wrote some more when I got home while waiting for my dinner to cook. It looks like I’m on a roll. Maybe even a croissant.

I’m still churning out words and above the average. Hopefully it’ll last until I get to word #50,000. I haven’t come upon any major stumbling blocks, yet. I had a good conversation this morning with my friend about mind controlled computers and how to limit the nanobot functionality. I’m hoping to skirt some other issues and still manage to break the bank. I know, though, that I’ll come across something eventually.

Probably sooner than later. For instance, if you live in a world where you can have anything you want (like a Star Trek replicator that makes more than tea), money is no longer important, every need you have is taken care of, everything is automated, then what, exactly, will people do?

I have no idea. I’ve thought about it a lot, come up with some ideas, then tossed them aside because what I think would be something to do today may not be something to do in the far, far future. That’s one of the drawbacks of being able to see backwards but not forward. At one time sitting around the radio listening to The Lone Ranger was quite popular.

I’d be quite happy to go into the future. Especially if it’s anything like what I’m thinking. At the moment I’d happily indulge in something like a food replicator. Then I could be eating anything. Like a sandwich. Or a taco. Can you imagine that? A. Taco.

Not for the first time I wish I had some other kind of artistic ability. Like painting. I have a great idea for a painting and I think it would make a great book cover. I almost think I could make a whole calendar with this idea. Alas, it’s stuck with me.