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And so it begins. I woke up early and started pounding on the keyboard, starting off my story for NaNoWriMo. Well, not right away. First I had to search desperately for a name for my main character. Because I didn’t actually do any of the preperation that I said I was going to do. Because that’s how I am, love it or leave it. But, once I decided I was off and running.
Then I stopped to pour another cup of coffee. And then I updated my Facebook and Twitter profile with the NaNoWriMo 2015 banners. And, in a few minutes, I’ll update the WordPress one, too. What’s the sense of doing this if you don’t advertise it, right?
Some people, myself included, think it’s better not to say anything about participating but there’s no better way to stay on track than having people ask you how it’s going all the time. Sure, you could lie and say it’s going swell when you’ve really been binge watching NCIS on Netflix, but then you wouldn’t feel good about yourself, now would you? Keeping it to yourself is a great way to be able to just abandon the idea of writing your story because nobody is ever going to ask you about it if they don’t know.
I need to do some shopping today, I think. It’ll probably be good to get out of the house and I can spend the time standing on line thinking about the next part of my story.
Holy moly, shopping was a beast. Carts everywhere, people clogging the aisles having conversations, and general chaos all around.
So, now that I’m writing I can begin to explain some of the things that I meant about writing science fiction. For instance, I’m reasonably sure in the future that language is going to change. I’m also going to have a lot of nano technology in my story so I have to keep in mind how that will work in a (hopefully) logical way.
Using that reasoning, I figured that the main character (who sleeps his way to the future) will need a translator to understand the modern human. Why not have nanobots injected into him and do the translating?
So, at first I thought the main character would hear the talker and then hear the translation almost on top of that. Because it would be fast, but not immediate. But then, a few paragraphs in, I realized that would be kind of sucky. I mean, cool for us in the here and now, but in a time when nanotechnology and DNA manipulation is old hat it would be pretty bad. What would probably happen would be something like someone talking to you in Hungarian (if you don’t understand Hungarian; if you do, pick another language that you don’t know) but you just automatically know what they’re saying as if they were speaking your native language. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about their language because the same thing would happen on their side.
In NaNoWriMo spirit, though, I decided not to delete the paragraphs I had already written but go ahead and chalk it up to the main character’s mind getting used to the idea of translation.
But I’m off to a strong start, I think. That’s what happens when an idea percolate for two years. Once that initial well is drawn dry, though, things will slow down quite a bit.
I’ve decided on where to draw names from. I’m quite pleased with the idea and that well is pretty darn deep.