I should have written this ten days ago so that it would have been T-30 days but, as things do, everything got messed up and I didn’t. So it’s only twenty days until National Novel Writing Month starts up. So far I’m on track. Kind of. My head hasn’t swollen yet. The cat is doing okay. As long as that all keeps going well I should be ready to start up. The only thing I haven’t done is mapped out my novel, thought up characters, have scenes or even a plot. But, hey, twenty days.
Unfortunately it’s also T-29 days until Fallout 4 is released, which is going to cause me some serious problems with writing. Unless I use playing Fallout 4 as a ‘prize’ for writing a certain amount of words a day. Or something. My birthday is also next month but nothing ever happens then so it shouldn’t interfere.
If you’re curious, there are 74 days until Christmas. Only 80 days until 2016 starts up. And that’s how it is when you spend your time on a flying rock counting time as it spins around its axis and the sun.

But getting back to the writing bit, I do have a general idea. I mentioned it before that writing sci-fi seems like it would be pretty hard because of the nature of technology. Now it’s probably worse than it was because tech is going places a lot quicker now than it was back in the old days of the 1950s through the 1970s or so. In this respect I’m kind of a perfectionist. It’s not enough to write down what things are like now, I need to think of how things are going to be. In this case, what are they going to be like a few thousand years in the future.
I’m looking forward to trying to get out to some write-ins and being around people. I’m not sure how I’ll be able to fit it in but I’ll give it my best shot.