Normally I don’t use WordPress’s web thingy to write blog entries. I usually use Blogo. But, since I can’t have my damn paragraph indents I guess there’s no point in not using it from time to time.

I like paragraph indents. I see them and I feel like a real writer. When I look at web sites that separate paragraphs by using a blank line and all text is left-justified, well, all I see is amateurish children-like writing. I guess it’s too damn difficult to hit a ‘tab’ key these days.

Anyway, getting on with things.

I used to think that a transporter, such as used in Star Trek, would be a pretty nifty thing. Step on the pad and poof, you’re somewhere else. No security lines, no turbulence, just appear in a new spot.

And then I started thinking about it and decided it may not be that great. I looked at as getting on a pad, being torn to pieces down to the component atoms, and then being re-built somewhere else.

You might say, “What’s the big deal? You start one place, you end up in another. Badda-bing!” While, to everyone else, you’re fine and dandy and being ‘you’ what happens to the original you?

The best way I have to explain it is like this: Imagine you’re put under anesthesia. While you’re sleeping someone comes along and makes a clone of you. When that’s done you’re wheeled off to a room and kept in an induced coma.

Meanwhile, your clone wakes up thinking it’s you. Then it goes off and visits tiki bars, dances, sings some karaoke,  gets in a limo with Liam Neeson, jets off to Paris, etc.

To anyone else, you’re having a great time. But to you, the you you know and love, you’re asleep. You’re not experiencing any of that.

The kicker is, if someone were to suggest doing the procedure to the clone they’d agree with it. After all, they remember falling asleep and then waking up and hanging out with Liam Neeson. If the procedure is repeated then that clone will end up joining you in that room in an induced coma. The new clone will have a grand old time.

And on and on and on.

Wow. That is just… so freaking ugly. Okay, so I fixed part of it.

I suppose I could go into the HTML editor part and put in my indents but it’s not really the same.