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In theory, I like the idea of Google Glass. I just don’t really know what it would be useful for in its current incarnation. However, while I was driving the other day I realized how it could be a very useful tool if it allowed projection onto the entire area of the lenses. I would love to be able to tag other cars as “Dumbasses” and have the glasses track those cars so I could keep track of where they are.
In other news, the Apple Mail program is on my shit list. I was kind of happy staying in the ecosystem and I’m still happy with the phone app, but the OS X application has a severe problem where it just sort of replies or sends out emails from any old account you have set up. This is, by far, one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in all my years of using a computer.
For the most part I thought it was me not paying attention to what account I was using but I started being very careful. If I send an email, it’s pretty much random which account the reply is directed to. This is after setting the Reply-To field to the account that I want it to go to after it had happened a few dozen times already. There doesn’t seem to be any option to change it, either. Good work, guys!
I want an Apple Watch, but I can’t think of any reason to get one other than I can hit things with it to pay for them. I have to admit that during a fairly dark time I was stupidly amused at being able to pay for soda at a vending machine with my iPhone.