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There’s a town in Texas named Hye. It lies between Johnson City and Fredericksburg on Highway 290. I’ve been through it a few times but I’ve never stopped there. But I would…
When you get to Hye you see a sign that looks like this:

It doesn’t really look inviting, does it? That’s why I propose that they erect a new sign. A sign that is welcoming, is hip, that shows that the town has reached the modern age. I propose this sign:

If I drove into a town and saw a sign like that, well, I’d stop. I would even poke my head in a shop or two and have lunch at Dairy Queen. I don’t even know if they have a Dairy Queen. Or any shops, for that matter. They do have at least two wineries, though. 
I think if I were to hold two gatherings at the wineries I’d be able to push my sign idea past after a few hours of wine ‘tasting.’