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It’s been a rainy few days here in central Texas. Flash flood warnings abounded and last Friday we got hit by quite a storm. Saturday was pretty wet, too, but Sunday turned out to be very nice indeed. It was time for a drive and a find a place with water features.

I drove down to McKinney Falls State Park and took a bunch of pictures. I managed to get a couple of shots of a cardinal (possibly two, maybe four, but I’m pretty sure it was the same one), a lizard I hadn’t seen before, and some mushrooms.

I had a fairly interesting thought as I was cruising down SH130. It was about people doing something that people tend to do. I don’t remember what it was now, of course, because I was driving and didn’t have a way to write it down. But I was pretty sure I would remember it long enough to write it down when I parked. Not that I’d need to, because it was such an extraordinary thought that it would stick with me forever. I totally forgot about it until I got back home and started writing the blogs but I only remember about needing a way to remember it, not what the actual thought was. 
It may be time to leverage Siri and my iPhone for taking notes on the road. The funny thing is that I feel uncomfortable talking into a device to record my own thoughts. However, I have no problem talking to inanimate objects or even yelling at them. Or pleading with them. Or patting them on their tops and letting them know that they have done a good job. I guess I’m getting old enough now, though, that if I don’t start recording my thoughts in some form then I’ll lose a number of them. 
I am pleased, though, that I can say “Hey Siri, plot a course to Starbucks on West Anderson Lane” and the phone will bring up Maps with the route mapped out and ready to navigate. Siri will not, however, “engage” and that saddened me a little. Speaking of Apple’s Maps — it still has a few rough edges. There have been many times when I will need to make a right hand turn to go East on a road and Maps will tell me to make a right hand turn to take Whatever Highway West. It’s the correct directions, but it gets East and West confused easily. If you don’t know the area it can totally screw you up. 
In total, Sunday I walked 6.25 miles. I thought I’d be in a whole lot of pain this morning considering that I was in a whole lot of pain yesterday evening. I seemed to have recovered quite nicely, though. 

Junior went in to have his ear checked very thoroughly.  So far, everything is okay. It doesn’t, at least, look like cancer. The stuff taken from his ear is being sent to a lab to be checked out, though. 
He has surprised me by being in a good mood when I got him home. He’s actually acting like he hadn’t been put under anesthesia, had a camera put in his ear, and had a good saline ear washin’.