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Having birds is a lot like having a children. Maybe not a lot, but there are certain similarities. Right now, Tooka (the cockatoo) has been pretty quiet, chewing away at one of his toys. I suppose this prompted Zoey (the CAG [I’m assuming she’s a CAG]) to start making a lot of noise. So, of course, Tooka has to make some noise. Immediatly after he makes a peep Zoey yells out, “Shut up!” This has been going on all morning. 
Tooka isn’t a talker. He used to say his name, but he hasn’t done that in a long time. Currently he’s big on ‘hi!’ He’ll say that when I try to get him to say ‘nite-nite’ or when someone knocks on the door. When the washer repair guy was here that’s all he said but the guy never acknowledged his friendliness. 
Last night, though, while I was washing the dishes Tooka flew over onto my shoulder and whispered “[something something] good boy” in my ear. I couldn’t make out the first part, but it definitely sounded like ‘good boy’ at the end. Then he grabbed my ear without tearing it off and made a bunch of ‘smoochie-kissy’ noises before flying over to his cage. 
That’s not to say he’s always cooperative. When I change his food in the mornings before I leave for work he used to grab the disc that holds the door closed in the open position. I thought this was great, because it made it easier for me: flip up the disc, he holds it, I swing out the door and grab the bowl, close the door, and he dropped the disc. It was great. He won’t do it now. 
Today is Saturday. It’s a nice day out there but I won’t be able to take advantage of it. I’ve got a few errands that need to be done and, really, I’m having a late start. Or, I guess, I’m enjoying a lazy start to the day drinking my coffee, answering emails, and putting off doing what needs to be done. Either way.
Lately I’ve been feeling that I’ve been on the Apple defense. Anyone that knows me would find this a pretty strange place for me to be. But, here I am. For instance, along with the Apple Watch, Apple also announced a new laptop. It’s small (but with a full-size keyboard), light (lighter than the Air), and has two ports: a headphone jack and the new USB ‘C’ connector. 
A lot of people on the Internets are up in arms about this because it’s the dumbest thing they’ve ever heard of. People are complaining that, for it to be useful, it needs to be loaded down with USB hubs and dongles galore. I read these comments (why, why, WHY do I bother to read comments?) and think… No, you’re just an idiot. If you need to carry all that crap around with you to use a laptop then this just isn’t the laptop for you. It isn’t one you should even consider buying. You need something like the MacBook Pro or a Dell or something. 
I’ll be honest. My MacBook Pro has become my main computer. And right now it is hooked up to the power, an HDMI connector, a Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter, my headphones, a USB hub, and a DVD reader/writer, and an external USB 3 drive. The thought of unhooking all of that to bring it around with me is daunting because I’d have to unhook all of that. And it’s kind of heavy. I don’t need to bring all of that with me, either, just unhook it all. That’s why I don’t bring it along with me most of the time when I go out taking pictures, even though my camera bag has a spot for a laptop. It’s gotten to the point where I seriously wish I could just buy a desktop Mac and use that so I can free up my laptop.
When I’m out and about, I use my laptop (when I have the courage and energy to bring it) for using the Internet and writing. Neither of which require twenty pounds of dongles and devices. The thought of having an ultra-light laptop that I can just pickup, toss in a bag, and bring it anywhere is kind of attractive. In fact, having a laptop that I couldn’t do anything but write on seems kind of attractive. Maybe that’s the kind of customer that would be in the market for a laptop like that. 
Of course, less people are making a stink over Google’s $999 laptop that does nothing but run a web browser. It’s loaded with all kinds of ports so I guess that’s the difference. It’s a shame, though, because the Pixel is a really nice laptop, hardware-wise. And fairly inexpensive when you think about the touch screen it comes with. I won’t make much of a stink about it, though, because obviously I’m not the intended customer for an expensive web browser.
So I’ll just go back to complaning about Apple’s lack of a mid-range, monitor-less, desktop computer. I’d really like something more powerful than a Mac Mini, and less over-the-top than a Mac Pro, and without a monitor attached to it. Although that 27”  5K Retina iMac would be really nice to edit photos on… 
I guess I’m just old. Old enough to not want to complain about Microsoft (I like Windows 8 and if T-Mobile hadn’t had an iPhone 5s that day I’d probably be wielding a Windows phone right now), Google has come in handy multiple times, and I like the stuff that Apple has and I don’t see why everyone complains about Mavericks and Yosemite. 
It’s weird for me, come to think of it, to realize that the Big Three Players right now are Microsoft, Google and Apple. It’s even weirder to realize that when it comes to trying to play along nicely with the others, it’s Microsoft that’s in the lead. Ten years ago I would have thought the future would have been an all-Microsoft affair. I’m happy about it, though. I like diversity in the computer world, which is something that ended a long time ago. The only thing that could make me happier now is if Atari came back with computers based on entirely new technology. Like some sort of nanoscale computing device.