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I’m enjoying my new job. Even though it’s still early and I haven’t had much to do yet, I can tell I’m in with a pretty good group of people. The guy I interviewed with gave me a training session today. At the end of it he said that I was a quick learner. This is what I’ve been trying to get all the other people I interviewed with to understand. Their loss, though, is my new boss’ gain.
Since the time switch happened again a bunch of people are complaining about having to turn clocks forwards and backwards. I’m sympathetic and think the practice is a little outdated, but if they do away with it then I have to buy a bunch of new junk that won’t change its own time twice a year. Some things could be fixed easily (computers, phones, and the like) but others (microwaves, coffee makers, car stereos) would be hard to do. 
Speaking of which, Apple has announced the Apple Watches price and availability. It just so happens that I’ve been looking to get something as a ‘congratulations you have a job’ present. I had thought about an Apple Watch, but I don’t know that I really need one. Or would use one for whatever its inteded purpose is. 
One thing that I find amusing are the People of the Internet blowing their gaskets over the $10,000 gold Apple Watch. They’re acting like this is the most ridiculous thing they’ve ever heard about. I’m no millionaire, but I have it on good faith that people with a lot of money tend to spend a lot of money on truly stupid things. There are clubs that offer bottle service well in excess of $10,000. There are even foods served in restaurants that top the $10K mark. Buying a ‘smart’ watch for $10K, in that light, seems almost responsible. I won’t get into buying a watch for $25K or more just because it’s not really a fair comparison. There’s no telling how long a ‘smart’ watch will be relevant, what with being based on technology and all; a regular watch will always be relevant just because it’s never going to stop being able to tell time. Unless it’s broken, but it’ll still be accurate two times a day (rimshot, etc.). For the most part a watch is a style accessory that just happens to be functional. The point is, though, that a $10K gold ‘smart’ watch is not meant for your average McDonald’s employee, it’s meant for the über-rich who can lose multiple thousands of dollars in a seat cushion and not even realize it.
Other than that, the Internet has been getting on my nerves. I don’t think I could stand to see another headline that reads like this: [Some Person] [Did Some Action] and what happens next will [Ridiculous Hyperbole Involving Incredulous Reactions]. I won’t even read those stories. As soon as I see one I just want to flip off the Internet switch.
I also need to stop reading comments on news stories because I see the things that people write and I feel like I’m ready to induldge in some [Ridiculous Hyperbole Involving Incredulous Reactions]. 
Back when I was in school, the big thing with computer nerds was computer shaming. You know, like how Atari computers were better than Apple computers because they had built in color capabilities and didn’t rely on monitor artifacts, or it had sound built in. And Commodore 64s were better than both of them even though the hard drive was slower than a tape drive, and if you had a PC jr everyone felt bad for you and called you “peanut”… All that crap. Surfing around the Internet you realize that it never ends. Android is better than iOS, or Ford is better than Chevy, or Chrome is better than Internet Explorer or whatever. It just goes on and on and on and on. 
We never really grow up. 
I’d like to think that’s a bad thing but I’m not so sure. I guess it keeps people on their toes, somehow. Or, at least, keeps their brain functioning on some level. If you’re going to fight about something I suppose you need to come up with reasons to defend your position rather than just skating along and saying, “Oh yeah, man, that’s an idea.” 
I have the day off today. My new employers were kind enough to recognize that I needed to take the day to bring Mr Junior to the vet to have his ears checked again and to figure out if he’s allergic or if he needs to have his head scoped. I’m hoping to any deity out there that I can put him back on normal food. I love my cat just as surely as I’ve loved any human in my life and he knows this and he exploits it just as much as he can.
On a good day he’ll eat what he’s fed, but that’s pretty rare. On a middling day he’ll run over to his bowl, sniff the hypo-allergenic food and then sit there looking at me and I can just tell he’s thinking, “Oh yes, very funny. Now where’s my real food?” On a bad day he’s brushing against my legs making pitiful mewling noises before he plops over on his side, feebly waving his paws in the air, because he’s going to die of starvation if I don’t give him his regular food right now
If you want to reduce a giant bear-like man to tears, that’s just how you do it. But I’ve been strong. I’ve wrestled him to the ground to put the drops in his ears. I’ve resisted his pathetic moments and not fed him his regular food. So, today I hope, I can know something for sure. But, boy, do I wish I was dating a vet. It would make everyone so much easier making her the bad guy.
Dealing with vetrinarian places is kind of weird, though, isn’t it? When I call them for something I’m always saying, “Yes, I’m calling on behalf of Junior.” When I walk in everyone is like, “Look! It’s Junior!” and then they ask what my name is because, you know, I’m just the owner. I don’t mind all that much, really, because it gives me the impression that the health of my pet is kind of important to them. When I go to see a doctor for me I feel like I’m going there to treat my wallet. “Look! It’s Walter’s wallet! And it’s here with that guy that pays us!”
All right, it’s not that bad. And I’ve gotten lucky with my dentist and the doctor that treated my face when it blew up. And really lucky with the clinic that I went to when my face first exploded. But there were others…