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It’s the end of the month and that means it’s time to pay the bills. For an unemployed person, this is probably the worst time of the month. It’s the time when the numbers drain from the bank account faster than the cent numbers on a gas pump spin. Something that can make it worse is finding a note attached to your apartment door that says your rent is going up by $200. Thankfully, it turns out that it was a mistake. So I’m told. Maybe it was a test to see if people would freak out or just pay the new rent without saying anything. I freaked out and my rent increase, which isn’t justified in any way I can tell, is minor. 

It’s 33˚F beyond these walls. It’s chilly in the living room area so I’ve turned the heat on. This means that the bedroom is somewhere around 88˚F. So I have the fan on. And, not for the first time, I’m wondering how much effort it would take to move all my crap into the living room and move the birds into the bedroom. I like it cold, the birds are more tropical. I’m worried that moving all the computer equipment out there, though, will change the dynamics of the heat. I mean, most of this stuff is off so I’m not entirely sure where all the heat is coming from. I’m assuming downstairs but that doesn’t explain why the living room is cold. Except that it’s a larger area. And doesn’t have any of those vents that pour hot air. The kitchen, on the other hand, has two so that section is pretty toasty, too. 
So I’m sitting here, in the dark, listening to Iron Maiden. I have a Scrivener window open to a blank page that’s been blank for several hours. I’ve got Paprika up so I can remember to put things on my grocery list. And I’ve got good old Blogo open, which is what I’m typing into now. Instead of Scrivener. 
I’m also wishing that Blogo would remember previous words with a link attached so I don’t have to keep doing it manually. I’m lazy that way, but it’s okay because that’s the kind of things computers were made to deal with. We’d get bored if we had to keep doing mundane tasks over and over. Now we can be bored while a computer does mundane tasks over and over. It’s a win.
I also have an editor open with a Ruby program I thought I would write. I thought it would be fun to write a little text adventure type game. For practice. I actually did some work on it but then I got distracted by CBS because they have the original Odd Couple up for viewing. I’ll get into those thoughts in a moment. First I’ll say that I have Pixelmator open because I can’t resist making a different banner to the next thing I have to say.

Since CBS has these original episodes online I thought I’d watch a couple. Now that I have, I think I can definitively say that the problem I sense with the new show is that it’s paying too much attention to the “Neat vs Sloppy” aspect. In the original, the focus is on the friendship between the two and the personality types are more like props. They’re always there, but they aren’t always the driving force for the show.
I just thought I’d get that off my chest.