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The unfortunate part of having an iPhone and using mostly default settings is that everytime a TV character gets a call or a text I have to look at my phone. 

I’m always told that when one is unemployed one must make sure to keep one’s spirits up. As day 90 rapidly approaches I’m finding this to be harder to do. The weather has been pretty lousy, what with the freezing rain and all. One day, when it rains freezing water, they’ll open the toll roads as big toboggan tracks. That would be a lot of fun if they weren’t so high up. High enough that at least two motorcycle riders have died after being flung off of them. I wonder how much it would cost to put some kind of netting underneath them?
To keep my spirits up… In an attempt to keep my spirits up I’ve taken to learning Ruby. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. Almost as much fun as when computers came with BASIC built-in and I spent a lot of time learning that. Soon I’ll be seguing my way over to Rails with the ultimate goal of creating a gnarly website that will be bought for billions of dollars.
After I recieve those billions of dollars I will begin my Life of Leisure, right after I buy a new pair of underpants because, let’s be honest, if I saw a check with that many zeroes on it I’d probably lose control of my lower body functions, briefly. Then I will buy a large house with a room full of cat-specific playthings, an aviary, a guest house, and a massive garage. Then I’ll hire someone to keep an eye on the pets and clean that house while I go travel. Maybe even galavanting. 
I will get into my car and fulfill my dream of driving to all the historical markers in Texas, taking photos, and writing about it so I can complete my coffee table book.
That is my plan. I just need a great idea for a website. 

Until that day arrives, however, I need to find ways to fill up my time. Besides sitting in a dark, too small apartment learning computer languages. The obvious choice, of course, is to actually get in the car and drive until I find a place that looks suitable for saving to digital film. I have a list of places I want to visit. It’s about four years old and I’ve gone to exactly one place on that list (hello, Dimebox!). I feel bad about that. I also feel bad that, if this unemployed stint goes on much longer, I will have to sell or trade the Challenger. I love that car, you see, and it will be a definite blow to my mental well being to get rid of it. The Challenger has been the best road trip car I’ve ever had. 
I had plans, you see. Plans of driving to Big Bend to take a picture of the star laden sky; to visit parts of what used to be Route 66. To see that ranch where  Cadillacs are buried butt-upwards. As their old tourism commercials used to say, Texas is a whole other country and there is so much area to cover it very well could keep me occupied for the rest of my life if I were stupid wealthy. 
To be honest, I am not in a good place at the moment. I only mention this because my readers are lovely people and I like to be honest. But I’ll get through it and I’ll be fine. I’m always fine. It’s a curse.

You might notice that I’ve been having fun creating new banners. Pixelmator can be a lot of fun. 

I think I’ll make a list of commercials and what, exactly, I don’t like about them. By the by, I’ve also noticed screaming sheep are being phased out in favor of barking dogs. Both Suburu and Buick are using them. 
At this moment I’ll also mention that Buick thinks you are an idiot. Buick things that if there’s a gigantic SUV right in front of you that has a giant Buick logo right there, smack center of the grill that you’ll still be so brain addled that you won’t realize it’s a Buick. That’s how stupid they think you are. 

Not long ago I said that I wish Apple would come out with a computer that fits between the Mac Pro and the iMac. After spending a couple of minutes thinking about it, I’ve decided that I’d really like a computer with the Mac Pro case but with an i7 processor (as opposed to a Xeon), a single or dual desktop level (as opposed to workstation) video card, and regular old memory (as opposed to the error checking the Xeons are able to use).
That should bring the price down a bit. Maybe they could call it a Mac Amateur or something. I’m sure they wouldn’t use the same trashcan case, though, which is a shame.  It’s all wishful thinking on my part.