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I can only imagine (because nobody in Hollywood will hire me for anything) that creating a new version of an old show is difficult because people will always compare the two. I think, too, that the more popular the original show was, the harder the time a new show will have.

Yes, I watched the pilot episode of the new Odd Couple. Even though I know better, I read the comments on IMDB about it, also, just to get some kind of gauge as to how people were accepting it. Spoiler alert: they aren’t.
The original Odd Couple TV show ran for five seasons, which is quite respectable. It’s also amazing because it doesn’t appear to have been a ratings winner except when it was in re-runs and then syndication. I would guess that the show actually got a lot more respect after it was cancelled than while it was on the air. 
Either way, there’s going to be a lot of comparisons coming. From what I’ve seen, the general reaction to the pilot episode is negative and I understand why. Felix isn’t Felix-y enough and Oscar is not really an Oscar as much as he is Chandler Bing from Friends, but sloppier. In addition to that, the acting is kind of stiff and the supporting cast weren’t quite up to snuff. 
But I won’t say it was complete crap and that’s mostly because TV pilots aren’t always the best indicator of how a show is going to do. After watching more TV shows from beginning to end than I’d like to admit, some long running shows, such as Cheers, didn’t seem all that great in the first few episodes. The characters weren’t all together and the acting was kind of stiff. On the other hand, you have a show like Friends which seemed to be destined for long life right from the gate, as if they’d been doing their own show for years before deciding to put it on TV.
Perhaps Matthew Perry would have been better off trying to be a sloppier Chandler Bing rather than being Oscar Madison-trying-not-to-be-Chandler-Bing. To be honest, though, I was expecting there to be a lot more Klugmanisms. 
And I was expecting a lot more Randallisms. I liked Thomas Lennon as Felix but I was a lot more “Oscar, Oscar, Oscar!” Which is wrong, I guess, because I’m comparing two different shows. Tony Randall’s Felix was not a meek person as Lennon is playing it. Randall’s Felix would not hesitate to drop a cigar in a bottle of beer, or to be immediately fussy. I’ve never seen the stage play and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the 1968 move (at least not in it’s entirety) so, maybe, that’s what Neil Simon had in mind. I hope not, though, because I like an annoyed and fussy Felix. 
Given time, though, maybe these guys can make the characters their own but they better make it quick.

I’ve been getting a lot of wrong numbers lately. I’m pretty sure I know how to get them to stop, too. All I need to do is say something like, “There is no So-and-So here, but you can talk to me! Nobody ever calls me!” I’m pretty sure they would all stop in short order. 

It looks like Junior has decided on food that he will eat. Or might eat. Or, at least, will kind of eat sometimes. I think that’s the best I’m going to do. I called the vet this morning to put in an order. The sad thing is, I’m sure that once everything is settled he’ll be off this trial. 

Austin, TX is not known for having a lot of snow, because it doesn’t. What it does have, though, is lots of freezing rain. The toll roads seem to be mostly elevated, too, so that’s cause for some concern when the temperature drops below freezing.