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One of the things I’ve never liked about OS X (or any of the previous Apple operating systems) is the unified menu bar that runs across the top of the screen. I’ve always preferred having a menu bar in each window. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve preferred KDE over Gnome. Of course, GEM on the Atari ST behaved the same way, but it wasn’t a multitasking OS so it didn’t matter.
It’s a not big deal breaker most of the time, but when you’re working on a 4K display it’s a huge pain in the ass to move the mouse pointer from the lower portion of the screen all the way up to the top. It’s even worse when you mis-click and the application loses focus so you have to go all the way back to where your window is, click on it again, and then try again. It’s like driving from Texas to Alaska, remembering that you forgot to unplug the iron, and driving all the way back to unplug it just to drive all the way back to Alaska. Of course, you’re not going to spend a lot of time up there anyway so most trips to the menu bar mean leaving almost as soon as you get there.
I’m sure that will be filed under “First World Problems,” but since Apple came out with their own 5K display iMac, I’m surprised nobody else has mentioned it. Maybe they have. I don’t keep up with the news very much unless it involves their stock price going down. If displays are going to get into higher and higher resolutions, though, it’s something they should look at some time.
On a related note, there’s a number of games available for Apple computers now. Big name games, like Borderlands, SimCity, and a few others. Apple should start thinking about making computers that can play games.
What I’d like to see is for them to release a computer that, performance-wise, slides in between the iMac and the Mac Pro. One that doesn’t have a built-in display and uses something better than a laptop video card. The Mac Pro has FirePro cards, but they aren’t optimized for gaming and tend to be very expensive. 
Not, mind you, that I wouldn’t love to have a Mac Pro. I would. I just can’t possibly justify spending the money on one. I could, however, justify the price for the 5K iMac just for the screen alone. But the video card choices are always a disappointment despite being understandable that it needs to fit into the case behind the screen and not melt a hole through the aluminum. 
If wishes were pennies I’d be a rich man. I wouldn’t be able to carry it anywhere without my trousers falling down, but I’d still be rich.

I tried one of the canned foods that I got from the vet. I have no idea what the flavor is (could be rabbit or kangaroo), but the texture isn’t quite paté. It’s kind of like a gelatin. Sort of. Maybe a gelatinous paté. Anyway, with patés I have to smoosh it down and then scrape it together so it looks like I’m anticipating a meeting with aliens before Junior will even look at it to turn his nose up. 
With this stuff… Well, it can’t be smoothed. It kind of goes back to its original shape. I can, however, cut it up into smaller pieces. That seems to be just what he’s looking for because he stuck his head in his bowl and didn’t come up until it was practically empty. Afterwards, he sat facing me and licked his paws for several minutes. I’m assuming that’s a good sign. Either way, it looks like I have a wet and a dry winner. Probably just in time for this trial to end.

I just found a box full of stuff that one of my sisters sent to me a little while ago. I hadn’t gone through it, yet, which was odd. Inside, I found a couple of high school yearbooks. I flipped through a few pages and suddenly got the impression that I am not successful in life. Not in any way, shape, or form. What also strikes me is that I tend to think of other people as static, unchanging. It took me a while to realize that the people in that book were, within a couple of years, my age now. Assuming they’re still alive. What a concept.
Also in the box were more photographs. Some were of my sister. Some were, I’m assuming, me. I don’t recognize myself in pictures when I was a kid. I don’t know why. If I don’t remember something then I’m kind of guessing. I’m sure it’s some sort of brain disorder. Although, I think sometimes I can’t be blamed because a baby looks like a baby and even toddlers are fairly similar looking.
Besides that, there’s something more important (but related) to talk about. If you’re a person who takes pictures and has them developed (or printed or whatever), do everyone a favor and WRITE ON THE BACK OF THE PHOTO ABOUT THE WHO, THE WHERE, AND (OPTIONALLY) THE WHY. It’s too late for me, but you can save someone else the hassle of flipping over every picture to find out when something was taken (or who is that baby?) just to see a big blank spot.
Speaking of photos and computers… I think I’m intelligent  but not, necessarily, smart. For instance, I’ve been using the Mac all day. My phone is an iPhone. There was a picture that I wanted to move onto my computer but I didn’t feel like leaning over and turning on the scanner so I took a picture of it with my phone. 
Apple has done a pretty good job of integrating the two devices. You can, supposedly, take and make calls using the computer. You can browse the web using Safari on the desktop and then pick up at the same spot on the phone. I can start an email on my phone and then just start using the computer when I realize it’s work better suited to a real keyboard. 
So I took a picture of a picture with my phone but I still needed to get it to my computer. If I were using an Android phone the picture would, in short order, make it’s way to Google+ and I could save it from there. I can still do that, but it takes a magnitude of days for it to show up on my Google account. I chose to eMail these 2.1GB pictures (there were three of them, in total) to myself. And then wait for the eMail to arrive. And then save them.
It never occured to me to use the AirDrop feature which just transfers it over the local network. And that option is located immediatly above the eMail option. One day I’ll get all this down.