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In the last few months I’ve lost my job, had my face explode up to three times it’s normal size, dealt with my cat’s chronic ear problem,  and, generally, watched life swirl down the toilet bowl. That’s why I was not at all surprised to see that my washing machine no longer works. Why doesn’t it work? Why not? Worse, it appears that nobody wants to fix it. I don’t think I’ve ever had a harder time throwing money at somebody.
Besides that, I took Junior back to the vet for a quick ear check. I think I may have figured out why people don’t like to talk to me. This revelation came about when I was talking to the technician. The conversation went kind of like this:

Technician: And what about the food? Does he like it?
Me: Oh, no, he doesn’t like it at all.

Techncian: Ok, so he’s not eating.

Me: Well, I didn’t say that…

That seems somewhat okay, I guess. I mean, I could probably have been more clear to start with. Then the vet came in and we talked about his ears and then about the food. She said that there were other flavors to try and I said, no, the problem isn’t the flavor it’s the texture. He doesn’t (as you all should know by now) like paté. She asked me what kind he did like (gravy, grilled, sliced, etc.) and thought about it for a while and said that there was another canned food that he might like more. It was kind of a combination of paté and gravy, but it was expensive because it came from Jersey.
Now, I imagine a ‘normal’ person would have accepted that and figured out the name of the food, etc. 
Not me.
No, I asked, “Do you mean the old Jersey or the new one?”
If I were Brad Pitt the room would probably have been filled with amused laughter. What I got was a somewhat nervous smile and she said, “I guess I really should find out.”
I’m thinking, maybe I should go back to not saying anything unless it’s absolutely necessary. 

One of the worst things about being unemployed is the absolutely obscene amount of TV shows I watch on CBS and Hulu. That’s because of the commercials. I cannot stress enough how much I hate commercials because of how incredibly stupid they are. Wait. I could do this: I hate commercials because of how incredibly stupid they are. Yeah, that kind of works. I would go into specifics but that would just be giving more exposure to something I think should be buried.

After months of eating dinners that comprised entirely of a baked chicken breast and a can of vegetables, I finally got up the energy to actually cook a meal. It was pretty simple, still, but it was a really nice change to the usual. Basically it was roasted brussel sprouts and pasta with a butter sauce. Hurray for me.