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I’ve been cooped up in the apartment for quite a while and so was my mom so I figured it’d be a good day to get out. Mom had mentioned wanting to see Kerrville once so I thought we’d go to the downtown area and see what was up. I grabbed my camera and headed off to her place.
Along the way I noticed a large amount of skunks dead on the road. They were everywhere. Other than that, the trip was uneventful. It was fairly chilly but the weather people promised it would warm up. 
I picked her up and we hit the road. And then got stuck at a series of stoplights. For some reason there was someone in a big truck who seemed like he wanted to race. In traffic. At a stoplight. When I had a pickup in front of me. But after the lights it was all clear sailing on a somewhat open road. Which, curiously, was littered with dead skunks. The entire trip was one roadkill skunk after another. Now, I don’t know much about skunk society but I have to wonder what happened the previous night that caused so many skunks to become depressed and throw themselves into traffic.
Then we ran into the second person that very badly wanted to race. I’m not about go racing around when I’ve got my mom in the car so I did everything I could think of to get them to move on. But they wouldn’t. Really, their car wasn’t up to it. Eventually we parted ways.
As we neared Kerrville signs started appearing that promised free parking. I tried following those signs because, hey, how can you turn down free parking? Also, I had no idea where ‘downtown’ was so I surmised that ‘free parking’ would be near ‘downtown.’ Eventually we found the downtown area but I never saw any signs pointing to a free parking area. I ended up parking on the street. Then we walked around for a bit and ended up on the other side of the ‘downtown’ area and there was a sign there pointing towards the downtown interior promising free parking! But where? Where was this free parking? Luckily, there weren’t any parking meters so it was all free, anyway.
Kerville is a fairly large place with a population that tops 22,000 people. It was started some 10,000 years ago (in a way) but was settled in the late 1840s and became the shingle capital of the area. After a while some guy named Balthasar Lich showed up and started something with some other guy. I don’t actually care. I only mention Balthasar Lich because I think that’s the coolest name, ever. It’s a name that any death metal band member would be pleased to call themselves. Besides that, the downtown area is pretty small and mostly empty. It seems there’s quite a lot of failed businesses around there. I guess that since the rest of Kerrville is so big people haven’t been paying much attention to the older part.
Now, when I say that Kerrville is large you have to understand that in relation to towns such as Comfort, with a population of just over 2,300 people, it’s a big place. Comfort was established in 1854 by German Freethinkers. I don’t know, really, what makes someone a Freethinker but I know they tend towards the athiestic side of the spectrum. It took nearly fifty years for the first church to show up in Comfort so that should tell you something.
Comfort’s downtown area is supposed to be one of the best preserved collection of 19th century buildings. I believe it. It wasn’t especially busy while we were there but there was a fair amount of foot traffic visiting the various places. Having been up all night before I was badly in need of a coffee so we stopped at High’s Cafe & Store and sat outside. It was nice. If I were obscenely rich I wouldn’t mind buying a place nearby just so I could do that every day. 
As it usual with these historic downtown areas, there are numerous antique stores. I wouldn’t be surprised if the scarecrow thing they have every fall is a busy time for the town.
And that, basically, was that. I’ve some pictures if y’all are interested.
This is Kerrville and this is Comfort  I don’t have a lot of Comfort pictures because I was pretty tired by then.