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Truly, I am a tool. I’ve spent a lot of time doing nothing besides looking for a job. This does leave me with a bit of spare time. I should be using this spare time to do other things besides brood in the darkness of my computer room (well, as dark as it can be what with the lights of monitors, computers, NAS devices, fans, various plugged in devices, porch light that doesn’t go out at night… I’m not entirely sure how I sleep at all, come to think of it).
Okay, fine, I’m learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails and having fun doing that. But I need to get out of the apartment! Get some fresh air (as fresh as it can be what with living with a highway on one side and a bunch of cows on the other)! 
Gas is cheap (relatively speaking)! I’ve got a camera! I’ve got a pen that writes upside down! If there’s one thing I haven’t done is write about the places I’ve gone to see. Sure, all right, maybe I write a little bit here on the blog. Sometimes I make remarks on the photos up I upload to Facebook, G+, and Flickr. But I never really write about them. Maybe I should. 
It’s also becoming clear to me that if I’m going to continue writing and using the Mac I’m going to need a real keyboard. A Mac-centric one so I won’t have to keep hunting for the Command, Fn, and Option keys. 
I’ve been planning on being spontaneous and now is the time to do it! You can tell I’m excited because I’m actually using exclamation marks!
Maybe I can write something up really nice and submit it to Texas Journey or Texas Highways or something. That would be spiffy. I’m getting older and haven’t done anything with my life. I should give it a shot.

I got my new fan. I’m sort of happy, but not entirely so, but that’s what I get for settlling rather than getting what I want. Anyway, I had money left over so I also got a Ruby book. I’m realizing, now, that I don’t bookmarks. Usually I just use any old scrap of paper that’s lying around (I don’t dog-ear my pages). It would be nice, though, to have a bookmark or two.