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It’s been a few days that Junior has been on the new food. He doesn’t care for it. At least he’ll eat some of it now. The bigger issue is that he really likes having his dry food. He likes to eat his canned and dry food at different times of the day. Needless to say, when he wants his dry food he sits in the spot where his dry food dish was. And sits there. Just looking at me. When he gets tired of that he comes over to me and starts making that very sad meowing noise.
It turns out that I can get this so-called special food in dry form. So I picked up this expensive bag of food and now Junior is happy as a clam as he can go back to his weird schedule of wet/dry. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to pick up any snacks  so there’s still some room to making me feel guilty. Huzzah!
After  I gave him his dinner he went for his nap. While I was making my dinner, Zoey was making some goofy bippity-boppity noises and then called out, “Junior!”
I said, “Junior’s sleeping, sweety.”
Zoey, said, “Sorry!” Then she played with a toy quietly.
Go figure.

I’ve been playing around with Ruby and Ruby on Rails. As long as I’m unemployed I may as well be learning something. Maybe I can get around to making my super special awesome website that I can sell. The hard part is figuring out where to load all the development junk.