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If you want indestructable building materials I have a suggestion: brown sugar. Let that stuff sit in your pantry for a while and you’ve got a space age material that resists all kinds of violence.
I tend to buy things that I may need for the future and then it sits in the pantry or cabinet for, oh, I don’t know, a few years. Then I forget I even have something (like breadcrumbs) and buy new ones. When I put the new one away I’ll see the old and say, “Huh!”
The other morning I thought I would like some oatmeal. I like brown sugar in my oatmeal and I had remembered seeing some in my pantry. I made the oatmeal and took out the brown sugar and tried to sprinkle it onto my oatmeal. It didn’t sprinkle. It came out in one solid block. I tried pounding on it but all I did was make the neighbors think there was heavy construction going on in my apartment. I had to take out the meat tenderizer and beat the hell out of it with the spiky end before I got something around the size of sugar cubes. Luckily the oatmeal was kind of hot so the sugar melted, otherwise I’m sure I’d be making an appointment with my dentist.

On the Junior front, things seem to be going. I have to drop .5 cc of medicine in his ear twice a day. .5cc doesn’t seem like much until you’re trying to hold down a cat and fake-syringe it into his ear. Strangely, sometimes he’ll sit still and and let me do it. Other times he totally freaks out. This morning I had to play hide & seek with him because he recognizes the non-needle syringe and runs like a bat out of hell. Sometimes. 
The food is really a larger issue. He does not eat paté style food. I’m sure I mentioned this. I’m just going to keep stressing just how much he doesn’t like to eat that style of food. He cries pathetically when I don’t re-fill his dry food bowl. But I need to be strong so he can have un-hurting ears.

My fan died. I need my fan. And, even though I’m terribly unemployed, I thought I’d look around and get another one. Because I have to. It’s the middle of winter and I don’t want to have to run my air conditioner all the time and have an electric bill that tops $200. 
So I looked online at the Home Depot site and it turns out that Lasko makes a bladeless fan much like Dyson does. The big difference is that the Dyson fan costs between $399 and $499. Home Depot had this Lasko for $99.99. 
The problem, of course, is that this fan is only sold online. If I’m going to buy online then I go to Amazon. Amazon does not actually have this fan. There are third parties that sell it but it’s not eligible for Prime shipping. Worse, it costs more than $99.99. Nobody else appears to have this fan so I’m a little sad. 
I looked at another fan that gets good reviews and it seems quite a few different stores carry it. By ‘carry it’ I mean they sell them online, but not in stores. And not from Amazon. 
Of course I’m not surprised that not too many places are carrying fans right now. It’s the middle of winter. And with a high of 73°F, currently, I can fully understand why stores would only be carrying heaters. I think 70°F is the temperature when extremeties start to fall off from extreme cold. Plants die. Birds fall out of the air. It’s just way too cold to want a fan on the third floor of an apartment building. 
I’m not sure why the universe hates me. I have no idea what I ever did to it. I would really like to make up with the universe so that, maybe, I could buy a freaking fan that I want, instead of having to settle for one. 

For the past couple of months I’ve been using my MacBook exclusively. Except for playing games. Aside from games, I’ve only been using the MacBook. I’m really enjoying the OS X experience. 
Apple calls OS X “The most advanced operating system” but I take umbrage with that. I don’t think they can call themselves the most advanced operating system until they do two things:
1) Fix the copying of JPG files from network drive to network drive
2) Make an easy way to have network drives re-connect after restarting.

I’ve gone over #1 before. So I think they could probably work on #2. It’s not that it can’t be done, it just can’t be done easily from the GUI. I suggest using a radical new paradigm in graphical user interfaces: a freakin’ checkbox. Check the box to re-connect on a restart, uncheck the box to not re-connect. Primitive operating systems, like Windows, have been doing something similar for… I don’t know… Two decades? I realize that computer company’s aren’t the most fluid, but they might want to think about such a feature.

During my time of unemployment I have watched eleven seasons of Cheers, eleven seasons of Frasier, and now I’m working on six seasons of Parks and Recreation. This isn’t something I’m proud of but I am kind of happy to have seen episodes of Cheers I hadn’t seen before (because I gave up on TV eventually). If Netflix still has X-Files, I think I’ll go through all of those, too. 

I wonder if I should start my own religion. Others have done it with success and I think I could do it, too. I think there should be at least one major holiday a month, preferably on a Friday or a Monday so folks can have a three day weekend. I’m thinking a one week long holiday would be good, too. It’d make a nice break. 

Now would be a perfect time to take a jaunt over to Big Bend National Park and/or Marfa. I wouldn’t have to worry very much about when I got back. I could leave in the middle of the week. The weather is cool enough that I wouldn’t have to worry about dying of heat stroke in the desert. The worst possible thing that could happen is that I would start getting calls for interviews that people would want to schedule while I was away, and that’s not really a bad thing at all.
It’s a shame I can’t go because I don’t have anyone to medicate Junior. At this point you should go up a few paragraphs and re-read that bit about the universe hating me.

I miss the ocean. I like water. I like sitting by the water’s edge at night, listening to the waves run up on shore, feel the breeze wash over me, smell the ocean. I like watching lights from ships as they leave for distant shores and I wonder where they’re going and how long it will take to get there.