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I feel like scum. See, with people you can try explaining things to them. You can say, “I’m sorry I have to squirt this stuff in your ear and you don’t like it, but it should make your ear feel better. Also, I’m sorry you can’t have snacks anymore. Or your favorite food. And I’m sorry you have to eat this stuff that only comes in a paté-like mas that you really don’t like. But you need to eat it so we can see if you’re allergic to the other stuff. See? See?” With any luck the person will see and will do it, even though they’ll probably still bitch about it because, hey, people are people.
With animals you just feel like the worst human to stalk the Earth. I mean, the guy looks at me from his food bowl like I’m actively trying to ruin his life. 
That being said, Junior spent most of, if not all, of the day sleeping. I’m kind of happy about that because it means he can sleep. But he seems so lethargic now. I just put another .5cc of ear medicine in his bad ear and… he just took it. He shook his head and meowed, but he didn’t fight, didn’t try and run away… and that scares me. I would like to see a bit more life in him. But, he had a rough day yesterday, and maybe the medicine is making him a bit wonky. I probably wouldn’t feel all that great getting a big earful of stuff, either.
Nobody had much to say about the canned ham from yesterday. I’m supposing I’ll have to buy another one from a different brand. I can’t remember if the one I would see when I was a kid was refrigerated or not. Or, maybe I could just play it safe and stay away from canned hams. But, boy, is it fun to say. Canned ham! Canned ham!
Two days of 70°F and then the temperature plummets to the 40°F area. With rain. That isn’t really relevant to anything but I’ve noticed that when people run out of things to say they always fall back to the weather. You can always rely on having weather. If you don’t have weather it’s probably a bad sign. You’d probably want to move to a place that does have some kind of weather. That way, if you run out of things to say, you can always toss out a “Hey, how about that sun? It’s making stuff warm, right?” or “Boy, it sure is raining outside!” It’ll be much better than having to say, “Well. How about that lack of weather out there? Pretty mysterious, eh? It’s, like, you go outside and there’s nothing. Am I right?” So if you want my advice go someplace where there’s weather.
There are three really important things you need to keep in mind.
I’ve been reading up on Ruby on Rails. Pretty interesting stuff. It’s making me want to concentrate on creating a really groovy web site that I can sell for billions of dollars.  It’s not like I don’t have time on my hands. Too much time on my hands. Just like Styx.