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A long time ago I picked up Wasteland 2 but I never played it for very long. It was still in beta at the time but I figured it would be worth it because Brian Fargo was behind it and he had been behind the original Fallout game. But, things being what they were, I didn’t get a chance to mess with it or file bug reports like I had wanted to do.
Now, I have some free time so I started playing it. It’s good. So good, in fact, that the other night I didn’t end up going to bed until around one in the morning. This is quite a feat considering my usual bedtime is eight o’clock.
After having Junior jump on top of me and try and lay across the keyboard for hours I finally called it a night and crawled into the warm bed. And I fell asleep rather quickly.
And then I woke the Hell up! The smoke alarm was going off! Was there a fire?! No! Did I spontaneously combust?! No, I was still here! I turned on the lights (because there was no fire to see by)! Was there any smoke?! No! Did I leave the oven on ‘broil’?!! No! 
None of those things, thankfully. I hit the pause button on the smoke alarm. It had been pretty cold so, maybe, there was a holdout that had only just turned his heater on and that was causing my alarm to go off. Seemed reasonable. I went back to bed.
And then I got Hell back out of bed!! The alarm went off again. I hit the pause button. Huh. I sat down, not bothering to try and sleep. I’d give it a few minutes. It was two o’clock by now.
The smoke alarm went off. I hit the pause button. I went outside to make sure there wasn’t a fire or something. There wasn’t. By the way, I was wrong before: at two o’clock it’s pretty darned quiet around here. At least it was the other morning. Not a soul was awake. Unless they were woken up by my smoke alarm.
I went back inside. The alarm went off. I paused it. I timed it. Every eight to ten minutes it went off. To make this a short story, I spent the time from 2 o’clock in the  morning to 9 o’clock in the morning by hitting The Button every ten minutes. Six times an hour. That’s 42 times I got up from my chair or the bed to hit The Button. Obviously, not enough time to sleep. 
When 9 o’clock hit, I called the office. They would send somebody by. So I waited. I waited until 11 o’clock (or 54 button presses). Evidently there was a burst hot water heater so the maintenance people were busy. So I waited until… 3 o’clock, I think (78 button presses?). At that time, they replaced the smoke alarm because it was broken.
I fell asleep at 7pm and didn’t wake up until 7am.
Not that I’m complaining. I’d rather stay awake for that time hitting a button than having to deal with a real fire. I’m just saying. But I think I know how George Jetson felt at the end of the day.