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Catastrophe! Dilemma! I’m down to the last of Junior’s favorite toys and it looks like they’ve been discontinued! Now what am I going to do?

I think the hole in my face is healing up. Unfortunately, from what little of it I can see, it seems to be healing in the shape of a rectum. If the ladies go crazy for me with normal looks, I can’t wait to see what happens when they see my anus face.

A long time ago I ordered the complete series of Stingray. This was a television that ran in the mid-1980s for two seasons. It’s about a guy (who is amazingly cool as you can tell from the show’s intro) who drives a 1965 Corvette (also known as a… Stingray) and helps people out of jams on the condition that they help him out sometime in the future. Another twist on the Have Gun – Will Travel type of idea. 
I totally forgot about it until I was cleaning up today and found the still unopened DVD set in a bag. So, I fired it up and, boy, is it glorious. Neon sign inspired logo, synthpop music, high haired women being followed by ozone holes, and guys who are so cool they start mini-ice ages wherever they go. And that’s all just from the opening credits. My God, I miss the 80s.