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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday of their choice. Mine was enjoyable. At least, as enjoyable as it can be being unemployed.
Being laid off at this time of year is special. It’s nearly impossible not to think that there was malice behind the decision to lay off a bunch of people at the start of shopping season for one of the biggest holidays in this country.  Come to think of it, I think a lot of my unemployed time comes around this time of year. I guess it’s just one more reason to hate the holidays.
Back in the old days, being unemployed meant staying up all night when you could catch all kinds of infomercials. Thanks to technology, I suppose they can be found online at any time of day. Unemployment doesn’t change very much, but television does. Or will.  
One of the reasons why I don’t subscribe to cable is because of the tiers. I’m all in favor of the a la carte idea of choosing what channels I want and paying for those rather than paying for channels that I’ll never, ever, watch.  

Hey, it’s about time to start thinking of New Year’s resolutions. I would create my own but I don’t see much of a point. For starters, I’m kind of perfect. To be in the spirit of things, though, I should probably make some things up so I’ll have something to abandon in a few weeks.
The biggest problem with coming up with resolutions is that I have no direction. I am lost, floating down a raging river, banging my head against the rocks. With no job I have no function. Of course, if I was independently wealthy and didn’t need a job to survive, I’d be chock full of function. There’s a billion and one things I’d like to do, but they just aren’t going to happen with no money and not enough vacation time to do it.
Should that be my resolution? To become independently wealthy and live like a playboy? If it were that easy I imagine a lot of people would have done that already. Maybe I should go ahead and open up that PayPal account and ask everyone on the Internet to donate just one dollar.

I watched Undercover Boss yesterday. I mainly watched it because the company they focused on, Bikini’s, was started in Austin, TX. I’ve seen one of the locations but I’ve never been inside.
Anyway, it turns out other people watched the episode, too, because there’s a minor uproar over the owner firing one of the bartenders because she didn’t wear her bikini top while he was there. This just goes to show you how selective the media outlets can be just to drum up some controversy. Sure, yes, she didn’t feel like wearing a bikini top on TV that day. But they fail to mention that she was over serving some guy who was obviously inebriated. According to the bartender, she didn’t stop serving people until they were practically passed out on the bar. In my mind, this is fully justifiable as a firing offense.
This particular location was up near Dallas. Now, I don’t know about the rest of Texas, but around Austin you can’t walk twenty feet without encountering a place that either serves or sells alcohol. It’s everywhere. And drunk driving is kind of a problem.
Now, the guy that was being over-served said that he was walking but, still, they didn’t show her asking what his plans were. They did show the manager of the place asking the guy if he wanted a cab. 
Anyway, in my mind, it’s a lot of brouhaha over nothing. The guy may be a sleaze but I think it was the right call in this instance. Offering the other server a pair of augmented breasts, on the other hand, maybe not so much. 

Speaking of alcohol, when CVS announced that they only cared about your health and that, because they love you so much, they were going to stop selling cigarettes, they got a lot of positive press. I, on the other hand, wanted to know when they’d stop selling alchohol. I mean, if they love you so fucking much, they’d stop selling that, too, right? And maybe the candy. And the soda. And the snacks… Evidently I was being unreasonable. 
I understand why people don’t like smokers. I really do. It smells, it makes you cough (especially when you go 300ft out of your way to pass by someone smoking just so you can cough), people litter (like those smart folks who jam all sorts of garbage into those little ashtrays when there’s a gigantic trash can right next to it). It can be generally unpleasant. But don’t be a hypocrit. Don’t tell people you hate cigarettes and smokers because it’s unhealthy and then go to a bar, get drunk, and drive home. It makes you look stupid. 
If you’re going to use something as an excuse then go whole hog with it. The biggest thing against smoking is second hand smoke. Outlaw cigarettes. And busses, trucks, and trains that belch out a bunch of black smoke every time they start moving. Flavored cigarettes will attract children to smoking? Outlaw them! And flavored alcohols. Especially the fruit flavored ones, because kids love them fruit flavors.