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I’m always a bit surprised when I found out that co-workers didn’t start out using computers when they were young, like I did. When I started paying attention to computers the world was ruled by dumb terminals connected to a mainframe. I couldn’t touch those so, luckily, there was a Commodore PET nearby. The point is, when I started with computers there were a lot of different companies comint out with a lot of different computers. It wasn’t all just Intel-based processors with three different operating systems.
Because of this, I’ve picked up quite a bit of lore and a few tidbits here and there that most people don’t get. That’s why I’m usually happy when I end up meeting someone who used to program on punch cards. Or knows what Colosal Cave is. Or, hell, even Zork. 

This is a non sequitor.

When I was talking about the 50ft cheerleader movie, I mentioned Sean Young. It turns out she’s going to be in a TV movie called Star Trek: Renegades. This is news to me. Not that she’s going to be in it, but that it’s a thing at all. I had no idea anything new Star Trek related was in the works for TV. It looks like it has two veteran Star Trek writers and it’s being directed by Tuvok so maybe it’ll be good. So it turns out it’s not for TV at all, maybe, but rather another fan made thing. Although it is being made by professionals, so that’s something. 

I use Netflix a lot. I also have an Amazon Prime account that I rarely use for watching movies or TV. I would use it more often but for two things: First, anything on Amazon (aside from Amazon studio stuff) is usually on Netflix. And, second, unless I know exactly what I’m looking for and search for it it’s nearly impossible to find it on Amazon. Especially for TV shows, where each season of a show is listed as if it were a seperate show. It’s tedious to browse through the list. So, I tend to forget that I have access to it.
When I was a kid going to the video rental store was a big thing. Browsing the titles was a lot of fun because the video casette covers had really interesting artwork. Especially the horror and fantasy sections. I had a better chance of seeing God than I did of Dad letting us rent one of those movies, though. 
The good thing about streaming movies is that I can get a chance to watch these movies now because they’re easily available.