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I took a good look at the finger I sliced up. It’s bent. The bit above the last knuckle leans towards the pinky finger. It looks kind of weird. And, you know, I’m afraid to use it. I feel most comfortable keeping a bandage on it so I don’t use it too much. With all the talk about severing tendons I feel like if I do something too strenuous it’ll snap. 
After feeding the birds this morning I saw that their food was running low. I would have to make a trip down the street to pick some up. Somehow that turned into a drive down to Bastrop, TX for no good reason whatsoever. That’s the kind of thing I like to do, though: get in the car and just drive. 
I have a love affair with the towns around here. While the towns might actually be cities and covered with cookie-cutter McMansions, they usually have a downtown area that at least looks mostly original. A main street running between two lines of buildings for, maybe, a block or two. Some day, I guess, they’ll have to tear them down so I like to think I’m preserving a little bit of something by getting pictures of them now. 
On the way back from Bastrop I stopped in Elgin to stop into a store I had heard about, Elgin Local Goods Market and Cafe. It’s a neat place carrying, mostly, local stuff including honey, coffee, jams, beers, and what not. I stopped in specifically to get mead made by Meridian Hive Meadery. And, since they had it and I never heard of it, a bottle of Americana Honey Cream soda. Which was really good. It’s definitely a place I’d like to stop into again. Soon.
There are some pictures here if you’d like to see them . There’s not many; not as many as I would have liked. But I’ve still got a lot of antibiotics in my system that are causing some issues. 
Speaking of which, I’m off of them. And my face hole looks like it’s doing nicely. My face isn’t swollen anymore. I reckon as soon as the hole heals over everything will be fine and dandy.