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After yesterday’s post I realized I was a bit unfair about the movie, Zeta One. I don’t think I stressed just how boring the movie is. I really should have mentioned the first part of the movie that is a scene that involves strip poker and it’s the longest sleep-inducing part of any movie I’ve ever seen since Fantasia.

What it did have, though, is what I think is a Jensen Interceptor. This is probably one of the neatest looking British cars, ever. It’s a damn cool name, too. Luckily, the car has quite a bit of screen time. Oddly enough, the star of the movie doesn’t have a very big part. He’s not in most of the movie at all. 

The official trailer for the new Mad Max: Fury Road movie finally dropped. I heard about this film a long time ago and had almost given up hope of ever seeing it made. After watching the trailer it looks like someone had asked George Miller, “If you had $100 million dollars, what would you do?” and the answer was: “Explode as many vehicles as possible!”

Personally, I can’t wait to see it. 

Sometimes I’m in the mood to cook. I’ll slice up vegetables, or maybe chop up a rutabaga, or slice up my finger. Maybe I’ll even pound a chicken flat. Or whatever. You know what it’s like when you want to cook something.
Then there are times when I don’t want to cook; I just want to buy something frozen and throw it in the oven or microwave. The last time I was in that kind of mood I picked up a box of frozen green beans with almond slivers. I thought it looked classy enough to make me feel slightly less lazy then I really was.
Imagine my surprise, then, when I opened the package and found out that I was supposed to microwave the green beans and then add the package of almond slivers myself. Hello? If I wanted to make my own dinner I would have bought my own ingredients and made it myself. Unbelievable. If you wanted almond slivers in your frozen vegetables you should have figured out a way of doing it rather than leaving it up to me, the consumer, to do it. Shame!