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Some might question why I would write about being unemployed. The truth is, I enjoyed it the last time I did it so I thought, why not? Except… sometimes it’s a bit difficult to sit down and write, especially when I don’t have much to write about.
I could complain, but who wants to read that? Just sad people, that’s who. 
Well, I could mention that the job searching is going pretty well. There seems to be an abundance of places to send the resume to. I’m certainly surpassing the minimum that unemployment has mandated. That isn’t an issue for me, anyway; I’m far more concerned with getting a job than I am trying to live off unemployment checks. Especially since it isn’t possible for me to live off of unemployment. 
I keep track of where all my money goes and I still have no idea where a lot of it ends up. Sort of.  Actually, some of it gets siphoned off into retirement accounts or investments. I try not to remember about those, though, so I don’t use it for something silly. Things like buying a Corvette. Or a Hellcat. Or a solid gold toilet with a ruby flush handle.
I got the stitches removed from my finger. It turned out that was slightly more painful than cutting my finger or getting the stitches. It still didn’t hurt quite as much as getting the lydocaine shots, though.
The stitches removal was only painful because the nurse had a hard time getting the scissors between the thread and my skin and that created a whole lot of tugging. 
Sure, that was fun (even if some people thought I wasn’t amusing), but what I really should be doing is taking this opportunity to get out and do stuff. Like, find more places to take pictures. Or whatever. I have a hard time spending money when I’m not employed, though. Cheaper is better. 
If I stay in all day then I start to become a little weird and do things like watch low-rated movies on Netflix and Amazon. In fact, I just got finished watching a movie called Zeta One and, well, it’s very bad. Not in a good way, either. The only thing it has going for it is that it’s one of those 1960s exploitation films so there are a lot of naked women running around and, yet, its still very boring. The story is so disjointed that it would actually make more sense if all the parts that weren’t naked women were cut out. 
I also tend to think about things that don’t help me in any way. Such as aliens in outer space and why certain scientists think that there aren’t any because they haven’t come by here yet. I mean, to me, our observable universe is a small bubble inside of a gigantic bubble that is the universe. If this all start from a big explosion then it should have exploded and sent stuff out in three dimensions, not just one. I think we’re just in the backwater of space. 
And then I think: I’m kind of glad an alien species hasn’t come landed on our planet. I think it would cause all kinds of problems. For instance, what would happen if these aliens made contact with, say, China first? Or a tiny European country? I think it would be a lot like having two kids at Christmas time: a lot of jealousy. And what if they were black? Or if they looked like tall blonde women? I’d be so surprised if it didn’t start all kinds of problems. In the movies they end up in the US but few make an effort to show what other countries would think of that. Then again, in movies aliens are pretty busy trying to kill us all so I suppose they’d be rather pleased that it wasn’t happening in their country.
The last time I was unemployed I had Skyrim to look forward to. Then, as it happened, I got hired just in time to not be able to play it all day while collecting unemployment. This time I’m not seeing any blockbuster games that I’m interested in hovering on the horizon. This would be the perfect time, in fact, for Bethesda to announce a new Fallout game. Hint, hint.
Oh, right. So I’ve been spending a lot of time using OS X (Yosemite). I have to say, it’s a nice environment to work in. I didn’t care much for the looks of Yosemite when I first started using it, but it’s grown on me. Everything runs pretty quick. I haven’t had many problems, but the ones that I have had were related to the permission problems that seem to plague OS X and that will never be fixed. 
I like the idea of being able to hand off things like writing an email on my phone and then continuing it on my laptop. Or browsing the web on my laptop and switching over to my phone with the same website already loaded up. I’d probably like it a lot more if I used these features but I never seem to have a reason for it. Go figure. But someday I might and then it’ll really come in handy.
Thinking about it, my biggest problem with OS X is that there are a lot of noises going on and I have no idea what they’re for. I recognize Skype and Facebook, but sometimes there’s a ‘ding’ and I have to look around to see if anything changed. Of course, knowing my place, it could be any number of devices that actually made the noise.