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I had hoped this wouldn’t happen for many years to come but, unfortunately, I’ve been laid off again. I keep hoping to find a place I can stay at for years on end but that’s just not how the tech industry works. This is the seventh day and you’re probably wondering why I waited so long to even start.
It’s been a difficult month or so. What with my face trying to explode and then me trying to cut off my own finger. Add in becoming unemployed and it all adds up to not really wanting to write about stuff. Especially with a failed NaNoWriMo stuffed in my shirt. I certainly don’t feel much like a writer. That’s pretty bad considering that I rarely feel much like a writer, anyway.
Besides that, I’ve been doing the usual unemployed stuff: filing for unemployment, seeding out my resume to all the job sites and recruiters, looking for jobs, and crunching numbers trying to figure out how long I can survive without a job. Surprisingly, that last part makes it hard to sleep sometimes, what with my wild and carefree bachelor lifestyle.
Normally I’d go into a whole rant about how awful November was but I doubt anyone really wants to hear it. On the other hand, this is my blog and and it exists pretty much for me to complain about crap.

Funny, though, how all the interesting things come out of the woodwork when you can’t spend any money. As a for instance, I got an email from the car dealership saying how badly they want my car and how badly they need to get rid of newer cars on their lot.

Now I see that Burt Reynolds is auctioning off his 1977 Pontiac Trans-Am that’s outfitted like the Bandit-mobile. Not that I’d have a chance of winning that auction but, wow, it would be a childhood dream made real. There’s all the usual Christmas kind of stuff, too, that’ll be going on sale. 
That’s the way it goes, I guess. I’ll just need to soldier on like I always do. That should be a bit easier now that the stitches are out of my finger.