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One of the problems with working is that it cuts into the writing time. Not that I’m complaining; I’d rather have a paying job than writing a book that won’t make any money. I’ll all for art and all but the bills still need to be paid.
I wish I was the type of person who could just say whatever is at the top of my mind. I can’t, though. Anytime I open my mouth I’ve already run through a conversation and tried to assess what the ramifications would be. Would it be good or bad for me? Would it affect someone else? What will the person I’m talking to think? Should I be honest? Should I sidestep something? What was the question again?
I think, for better or worse, I’d be better off just blurting it all out and letting whatever happens happen.
Not much writing got done today. Technically I’m two days behind. Am I worried? Not a bit! There’s still a lot of time left. Oodles of it.