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And so it begins. It took me a while but I finally got to 1,700 words today. I think it took about three hours. I don’t think it’s a good sign to be struggling this early in the month but, hey, maybe it’ll get easier.
I went to lunch with a friend of mine today on account of it being my birthday tomorrow. I thought I’d shave. What a mistake. I ended up making the smallest of nicks on the side of my nostril. It bled like a fountain for about an hour. I tried sticking pieces of toilet paper on the wound, which, by the way, was probably less than half a millimeter in length, but the flow of blood just made it drop off.
Finally, I decided that no matter how stupid it looked I would put a bandage on it. I don’t have any of those small round corn bandages, though. Worse, I couldn’t find any normal sized ones, either. I had to use the gigantic “I gots a boo boo on my elbow” bandages. Now, the cut was on the bottom of the nostril, right where it meets the lip. I positioned the bandage as best I could so that it was only partially blocking my nasal passages. It also covered my mouth, that’s how big this bandage was. 
Boy, did it look stupid. I probably should have put a tourniquet around my neck. I walked around for a while like that, getting dressed and all. When I finished getting ready I ripped it off and was instantly glad that I had already shaved. Thankfully, it had stopped bleeding and I was able to get a good look at the cut. Or I would have if it were large enough to be visible to the unaided eye.
This goes along with the other day when I re-smashed the toe I smashed a while ago. And that bled for ages, too. There was blood all over the place. I can’t imagine having emergency people show up and looking at my pale, lifeless body and thinking, “This guy went out by stubbing his toe and getting a micro gash on his shnozz.” What a way to go. Luckily, that didn’t happen.
I went to lunch and it was great, as it usually is. The server even gave me a goodie bag, which was leftover from last night. For the kids. That reminded me of when I first moved into this apartment. When my birthday came around I found a balloon and a bag of candy tied to my door knob with a note saying, “Happy Birthday!” The candy, it seemed to me, was leftover from Halloween. It’s not often one gets candy corn but when one does it’s almost surely Halloween.
Then I came home. I made sure not to turn on the Windows computer because that would mean games. So I fired up the laptop and typed away. I was interrupted a couple of times, but that’s all right. Sometimes a breather comes in handy. 
Hopefully tomorrow will go just as smoothly and I can crank out another 1,700 or more words. I’d kind of like to build up a buffer of extra words now so that I can slack off later on. 
My strategy this year will be to write the big important bits that I think of first and then somehow connect them. This seemed to work for me well last year, even though I think that story is an utter travesty. I should probably go back and read it. I’m sure it needs editing but I suspect the entire thing will need to be re-written.
Well, Happy November to ya.