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Being laid-off and being the only person in the company who can do what I do has made the last few days a bit busy. A part of me feels like I shouldn’t care since, clearly, the company I work for doesn’t care about me. Still, I have pride in my work and always tend to rise to a challenge. Not surprisingly I’ve had some trouble sleeping lately. Junior has been nice enough to not poke me in the eye in the mornings and letting me sleep a bit later than usual.
It should also not come as a surprise that I’ve been a bit lax in the updating department. That is, until I looked at the calendar and saw that tomorrow is November 1st! Holy sassafras! I haven’t even finished all my prep work. 
I don’t make it a secret that I’m agnostic. I would like to say that there is or isn’t a God (or, hey, Gods; why not?) but I’m not firmly convinced either way. I’ve seen some good, I’ve seen some bad, and in my mind the whole argument could go either way. 
But I never thought there was a reason why evolution would have to be proof that there wasn’t a God. To me, it’s a lot more elegant to start off a creature and, through clever programming, have it end up as a multicelled organism years later. Or even just dropping an egg in the ocean and letting it go higgledy-piggledy and see what happens. It seemed a lot more clever to me than just waving your hands and ending up with a man and a woman. 
I didn’t listen to it but I heard about The Pope’s thoughts on the matter and was fine with it. Because, you know, I give my blessing.
I hope you all have your typewriter’s oiled up, your pens greased, and your pencils chromed. You probably should have some paper, too. Or one of them computer thingies I keep hearing about. 
It starts tomorrow.