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One week. That’s what’s left. One week and then it’s November. And at midnight, that moment when it’s between October 31st and November 1st the writing will start. 
And I’ll be older. Again. It’d be nice if there was a day when you could get younger. I suppose that’s not too far away. Probably the day after I kick the bucket.
Lately I’ve taken a couple of days to work from home. I can do that because I can get my email, be on Skype, and do my work from the apartment here. One of the downsides of living with a mimic is that she does a really good job of making the noise that Skype makes when a message comes in. So I’ll be happily working away when I hear that noise and start looking for the Skype window with a new message. Which isn’t there. Because it was Zoey.
On the other hand, having a pet that talks is nice because I can figure out what she likes fairly easily. For instance, Tooka will eat just about anything. Zoey is very picky. Finding a snack that they both like can be difficult. But I brought home white (although they look green to me) grapes and gave one to Zoey. She snatched it up and said, “Yum!” I gave her a red grape a couple of days later and she didn’t say “Yum!” She didn’t say anything. She just dropped it. This has made my life so much simpler.
This. This is what my life has come to.