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Life is full of disappointments. Sometimes it’s the little things, like the store ran out of your favorite cookies. Sometimes it’s something a bit bigger, like, maybe the store ran out of your favorite cookies. You get yourself all keyed up and, bam! Nothing. Let down. Bummer.
Maybe it’s worse than that. Maybe you don’t know they’re your favorite cookies. You went past them in the grocery store and saw them and thought they looked pretty good but you never picked them up. They sat up there on the top shelf in nice packaging but you didn’t have time to grab it. Or you didn’t want to spend the money. Or you thought you really didn’t need a package of cookies. Sure, you thought about it, maybe you even picked them up and tried to sniff them through the wrapper. Then you chickened out and put them back on the shelf vowing that next time you would get them.
And then the day arrives when you decide to get those cookies. You go to the store and wheel your cart down the cookie aisle. You feel butterflies in your stomache as you approach that magical area where your cookies sit on the shelf, waiting for you.
But they’re gone. You stand on your toes trying to see if there’s a package stuck at the back of the shelf but, no, they’re all out. But the shelf still has the price sticker so they’ll re-stock. Probably in a couple of days. So you go back but they’re still not there. After a few trips you notice that not only are the cookies not there but the price sticker on the shelf is gone, too.
It’s over. They’re gone. Maybe they’ve been discontinued? Maybe they’ve just been pulled from your market? Gone. You will never know if they were any good. You try and make yourself feel better by thinking, Hey, maybe they weren’t so good after all. Maybe the packaging was so good but the actual contents were less than flavorful. But it’s all hollow. And now they’re gone. Forever.
There are eleven days until November 1. Now, you may be thinking that I’ve been continuing to put off my planning. You’d be right. But I do have a basic outline done and it looks like this:

A) Introduce Main Character
B) Stuff Happens
C) Show ramifications of MC’s actions

Okay, it seems a bit sparse but it does follow the time honored convention of the three act story. I could probably even go a little deeper.

A) Start of Story
1) Introduce main character
2) Set up catalyst
B) Stuff Happens
1) Set up conflict
C) End of Story
1) Kill character Resolve Conflict

Yep, that looks pretty good. It shouldn’t take much to get a story out of that.