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I’m not a fashion person. I don’t buy clothes on impulse and, for the most part, only buy stuff when something else wears out. Every week I do, more or less, wear the same clothes to work.
At the end of the week it all gets washed. On the rare days that I feel like hanging up shirts I would always end up with either one hanger extra or one hanger short. Always. It drove me nuts so I went to Wal*Mart and bought a 10 pack of plastic hangers. 
Yesterday I did the laundry (I think I mentioned that yesterday). This morning I started hanging my shirts. I counted the hangers. I have ten free hangers. How did that happen? Why was I always one up or one down, but now that I have enough hangers to cover the short days I’m not short. Unbelievable.
Lately Junior has only been drinking water from my glass. Well, really it’s a plastic double-walled thing. I fill up my cup with cold water, turn my head, and Junior has his face in there. Sometimes he even dips his paw in there and then shakes it around. I don’t really mind; after all, he is my best buddy. The only problem is that I  know where his tongue has been. And his paws. So I end up dumping that cold water and getting another cup of warmer water because I use a Brita pitcher.
So I thought, hey, I have an identical cup (except for the color) so I put water in there and put it in front of him. In typical cat fashion, he ignored it. I suppose I could switch and use the other cup but I suspect that if I’m not drinking from it, he won’t either.