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And now it’s Saturday. Not quite 8am. I’ve been up and down since around 3am but I reckon I’m up for good now. I’m going to make this one of them all day affairs where I just add to the post as the day goes on. This will give you, the reader, a good idea of how my day goes. I am sure you’ll be as enthralled as I am every day.
Now that How I Met Your Mother is off the air (I think) I figure it’s a good time to watch all the episodes on Netflix. I’ve made it to the second season. I like to eat dinner while I watch it but maybe that’s not such a good thing.
I need some more canned air so maybe I’ll run over to Fry’s and pick some up. It turns out that living with two birds and a cat creates an awful lot of dust. Either that or I’m some kind of magnet for dust. I think that’s what it is. A trip to Fry’s is a dangerous thing because the place is, essentially, a toy store for guys. If I’m going to be coming into some lean months then it’s not a place to hang around. Thankfully, I can be one of those people who focus on getting one thing and run in, grab it, and run back out again with a minimal loss of wallet girth.
Speaking of high technology, I’m enjoying Yosemite. It works. I don’t have too many problems with it. Google Drive gave me some issues but I managed to iron them out. Pretty exciting, right?
Barnes & Noble keeps sending me emails about the massive settlement I got from that class action lawsuit a while back: $0.73. It can only be used online. I have no idea what to spend all that money on. If only they sold bubblegum online. 
Bugs bother me. As far as I’m concerned anything that looks bug-like is a bug. I don’t care if they’re insects, arachnids, or even sea creatures with an exoskeleton. In these parts we get what I call “Cricket Season.” It’s when billions and billions of crickets magically appear. Sure, they’re not especially dangerous but they can be reallyl annoying. To combat them I’ve gotten into the habit of closing the drain in my shower. And, yet, I don’t like to see the poor little bastards get killed. I once convinced a guy at work to catch and release a cricket. I also saved a moth. I felt proud of myself.
Lizards I don’t have a problem with. For a while we were getting a  few small lizards running around our meeting room. My fear of bugs has given me a highly sensitive sense of vision when it comes to small things running around. 
It is now 8:13am. Aren’t you glad I started typing early?
Now it’s 1:23pm. I was supposed to make sure my suit still fits, on account of me having a job interview coming up, but I figured: When is the best time to try on clothes? After a two-mile walk! So I went on a two-mile walk. Then I came home, had a Black Forest ham and jalepeno Monterrey Jack cheese sandwich with a big old glass of water.
Now it’s 1:45pm. I have decided to do laundry. I’m glad I finally got my own washer and dryer because it’s way better than lugging my stuff down to the apartment laundrymat to be stolen. I also played a game of ‘bird’ with Zoey. That’s when I walk into the living room and she says, “Bird!” Then I say, “Bird!” Then she says, “Bird, bird, bird!” And I say, “Bird, bird bird!” Then she gets tired of that. The laughs never stop around here.
2:31pm (14:31): So I was going through the pictures I took. One would think, what with my fear of bugs and all, that there’d be crawly things all over the place. But, much like with birds and mammals, they all take off when I try and get a picture. I did get a dragonfly. And a worm of some kind. It’s kind of disappointing but not disappointing enough to pour honey all over my body. If you’re interested in looking at the few that made the cut you can find them here
3:22pm (15:22) The problem with using a wireless keyboard and mouse is that the batteries die, eventually. Seeing how the mouse and keyboard work off their own batteries, when they both go low at the same time it’s a little inconvenient. I’m not sure if I should commit this now and spend the rest of the day charging the batteries or charging the batteries and submit this later. You know, in case something exciting happens. It could happen.
4:06pm (16:06) Nothing exciting has happened yet. 
4:14pm (16:15) Exciting news! One set of batteries has charged and I’ve replaced the mouse batteries! I know, right?! 98% suckas! Wait. I just took them off the charger so why are they at 98%? Oh well. Time to charge the next two. Also, I think I’ll feed the birds. They haven’t started making a ruckus yet but why wait for Tooka to ring the bell?
4:23pm (16:23) The battery level of the keyboard is pretty low so I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to update. I do have another set charging so it shouldhat was about the time I jumped through the window. The brawl was still going on strong behind me as I ran across the street, through door hanging off the hinges and ran up the twenty something flights of stairs. Now I’m not saying that life is brilliant, but when you’re hanging from a ledge twenty stories up. Oh, hold on. It looks like there was a gap in time from the time I changed the batteries and the keyboard actually started working. Well, I sure don’t feel like typing all that back in again. Sorry folks.
5:58pm (17:58) Dinner is done. The great thing about leftovers is that’s all you have to say.
“What’d you have for dinner?”
It doesn’t matter what was leftover it’s just accepted. Now it sounds like Zoey is channeling the spirit of Bing Crosby.
7:41pm (19:41) Looks like Zoey is in the mood for the some grapes. She’s a bit iffy on her food. Sometimes she likes stuff and then doesn’t eat it ever again. I was rinsing off some grapes and she practically flew down my arm to grab one. I handed her one and she said, “Yum!” 
7:50pm (19:50) Well, hey, it’s not quite 8pm. You all have stuck with me for somewhere around twelve hours. I hope you all found it incredibly interesting.