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     Sixteen days. That’s, like, two eight days. If weeks had eight days it would be two weeks. Luckily weeks have seven days so it’s slightly more than that. I still haven’t gotten much ‘planned.’ I’m still thinking about it, though.
     To make matters worse, this weekend there are three events going on. One is some sort of Day of the Dead parade, which sounds interesting. Another is a Celtic celebration. Finally, there’s a chili cook-off festival thing. 
I don’t know if I should stay home and be serious or grab the camera and take some thin slices of life. And heartburn. I like going to these festivals. Sure, there’s a lot of food and drink but it’s also interesting to see a bunch of people getting together and enjoying themselves. Usually I don’t take pictures of people if I can help it because I’m afraid of being force fed my camera, but lately I’ve been trying to get a few folks in frame. When you’re dealing with festivals it’s really hard not to. 
I don’t get out much so it’s nice to get out and about. On the other hand, I would like to do better this year getting to 50,000 words. Last year, I basically had a one sentence idea that I tried to build an entire story around it and, much like a Saturday Night Live sketch getting the movie treatment, it didn’t really work. This time around I would like to get more of an outline going. Some sort of structure to follow. 
You know, take control. That way it would be a whole lot more fun when it goes out of control during the course of writing.